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Should have one special stop treatment just so other can get proper dignose.

I had my legs go out from under me the other day and ended up on my butt.  I don't remember being light head, and I know I did not black out. My vision did change thought. I think my eyes rolled in the back of my head because what I was seeing looked like a distorted image of what I was looking at.  

I have history of lightheadness form about 6 to 7 years now. With no real answer to why. This is first time I actual went down though. I'm usual able to fight it, this time there was nothing I could do.  

-Note I get lighthead not dizzy, yes there is a difference.
I waste 6 to 8 month being treated for Vertigo before one audiologist who was treat me went more in depth and made sure it was one or the other.  I say this for sake others, so they use the right words when tell their doctor what they are feeling so don't go thru the same thing.
-dizziness is like when you spin around and around and you stop but room doesn't.
-lighthead is when stand up to fast and have to sit back down or when on ride that has zero g feeling to it like roller coaster or when driving and go up downhill when car going down and your still going up.  But the scale of one not up it to where 9 is where yours seen black and get steady yourself against a wall to keep from falling and focuses so not pass out and breath thru it and 10 is when you faint and black out.

Any back the subject at hand. I have a PFO, Nasal Cyst, High blood pressure, Enlarged Right chamber with regurgitation, and migraines with.

Doctor sent me to ER- EKG, CT, Blood test, mentor, came back normal. I don't remember all of blood pressure DIA were in 90s even when I was lie down after about be there in bed for 3hr I did get down in 80s but after getting up and walking around it when back in 90s.  

Is something I need to address? SYS number have been fine since start verapamil.  I always in 80 or 90 with DIA. But in neurologist who treat my blood pressure not cardiologist so frustrate, because my PCM is blowing of my blood pressure altogether.  Because blood pressure is teat as part of my migraines instead of as high blood pressure.

He(PCM) was think it was sinus infection that caused me to all most faint. but he want discuses it further with neurologist what I see next week.

I feel like neurologist need to stop treat me indirectly for high blood pressure so that cardiologist and or PCM can actual diagnose me with or recognize I have high blood pressure.  

I was recording my blood pressure because I had other incident back it February where I was shoveling snow I got supper light head and nausea. But waiting referrals an such didn't see cardiologist until April. Any rate neurologist was treat me before cardiologist and cardiologist did not want except my number I was take from home something about the test they sell for home test have wrong size cuff and I need to mediate before I take a reading (like any one does that all day long) to get a true reading.  

before be treated my worst was 154/110 any rate got new test monitor that met his spec(cardiologist) and accept those number but those where number while being treat and I was in prehypo range so he saying I didn't need treatment for high blood pressure even thought the only reason was in pre range was because I was being treated awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!  I had choice and if it did take three months to get the appointment I would never have keep this cardiologist!!!
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