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chronic otitis media or earwax buildup?


Just curious question. Is that possible to live with chronic otitis media without any knowledge?
I've read that there're no significant symptoms for this condition.
And for some time I'm having some symptoms what can be related: tinnitus, popping/cracking/plugging sensations in my ears.
Sometimes blowing nose makes me dizzy.
So basically I'm just guessing what that could be and whether I need to see specialist. Of course it can be just ear wax buildup. Also my ears itch and that makes me crazy.

Any ideas?
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I'm sorry to hear that.

I will try to seek for it until it's not too late.
Will do more research and try to see my GP when the chance pops up.

Bless you.
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Know the feeling!!  I am in the same boat only I have severe asthma and bad ears.

Your GP should be able to tell you if there is infection in the middle ear and treat that.  If It turns out to be one some thine else, well, not losing your hearing has to be a priority so have to save in other ways.

Take care and God bless.
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Thank you.
I'll try to see a doctor asap but the problem is I don't have insurance and right now I don't have job, so I won't be able to scrape enough money in case it's really that serious.

Right now it's morning and my right ear feels weird, like there's something inside but I know there isn't.
Did some research and found another similar condition- tensor tympani myoclonus. Actually in summer I was woken up by the condition, it scared me cause I thought there's a bug inside my ear (I was sleeping in a tent), but after some terrifying moments it passed. I'm having this fluttering/thumping/popping sound whenever I'm strucked by louder/higher pitched sounds and even my own voice does it.
After more research I have the feeling this might be the condition. It affects mostly my right ear along with tinnitus.
My tinnitus is constant and I can hear it in noisy environment, sometimes it starts in left ear too but then disappears.
At some moments I can hear very high pitches in both ears along with non-changing tinnitus sound in my right.

But it won't be evaluated until I get to see a doctor. And that's bothering me since I can scrape some cash for GP but not for ENT if there is something more serious.

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You do need to have it checked out be a doctor and not just guess at whay you have.  If you do have a chronic infection you could develop a cholesteotoma (sp) a mass in the ear.  This can lead to hearing loss.  

See a doctor soon.
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