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Eating disorder during male puberty.

Hi everyone,

My question is regarding the effects off malnutrition, during male puberty on the development of the body( especially secondary sex charasteristics).

My case: I developped a eating disorder at the age of 12-13 which continued on and off til the age of 15-16, during that time I also didnt exersize much.

Right now I am 21 and am noticing that I still have a very childish face(very small chin/jaw), not so broad shoulders and a small chest.
Could this be due to the fact that my body was/(is still??) unable to produce the normal amount of testosteron??

I did go trough puberty I think, because I do have a lower voice, and I am getting more and more facial hair, also I did get taller.  

Did I screw up my development(facial bonestructure, shoulders, chest)? If yes, is there still something I can do, to make up for it(like taking hormones or something)?

Sorry if my english is bad, I am not a native speaker.
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