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28yo - No erections at all for 6 years

Hi all
I'm a 28yo male, in relatively good shape (182cm and 73kg). I've never had sex, I would like to but my erections completely disappeared since early 2017. No morning wood too.

At that time I had a girlfriend but she always refused having sex, which ended our relationship after 5 month. She was virgin. The week our relationship ended, I noticed that my erections disappeared in the mornings and during masturbation.

Towards the end of that relationship I was hooking up with another girl and had rock solid erections with her, but didn't go as far as sex. When I tried to have sex with her after breaking up with the previous girl, I ****** up in bed, no erections. Repeatedly. I kept dating different girls for a year after the problem started, but I would always end up failing and embarrassing myself in bed , which made me question the point of dating because I always ended up embarassing myself.  

It's been the same since then. I don't get any morning erections at all, my body has no desire to get sexual. If I force myself to masturbate, I get a 40-60% erection and I ejaculate very quickly. I feel that the erection is actually due to the fact that I am about ejaculate, which happens very quickly. Very little pleasure from the act.

I have been to countless doctors and done countless  examinations, they all come negative. Hormone levels are fine, doppler scan of the penis normal but viagra and cialis both don't work at any dosage or regimen. I tried them repeatedly when trying to have sex, but no help. Tried natural supplements like maca, tribulus and saffron, no help. Doctors always say it's "psychological", but psychologists can't find anything and give the usual common sense advice about sex.

I've had body image issues since I had some gynecomastia, which I finally got treated surgically a month ago. Now my body image issues are gone, if those could have been a cause. But my erections are still non-existent.

I would like to have a normal sexual life, to date, to have kids with a partner, but now I simply avoid dating.

Can somebody help me out? I'm tired of living like this, any help would be very appreciated...
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Let me know what you think.
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This sounds pretty hard but would encourage you to have an open mind. It definitely 'could' be psychological.  Do you take medication for anxiety or depression?  Even something like a beta blocker? Something else that is pathological that 'can' lead to ED in young, healthy males is metabolic disorder. Your primary care doctor could refer you to an endocrinologist if there is agreement that this should be investigated. Here is some general information on it.  Before you dismiss it, give it some consideration as to part of the problem.  They are associated but many don't know this. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/inherited-metabolic-disorder-types-and-treatments
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