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Black tarry stool

I'm not sure if I'm posting this question in the proper place . . .my husband (45) has had two esophogeal dialations due to scarring from reflux (reflux he never knew he had).  On the last dialation (August 2005) they performed a biopsy which came back normal.

For the last few days he has had black tarry stools, which I know can be a sign of bleeding, how quickly should he try to see a doctor?  I'm not sure how agressive I should be in trying to convince him call his gastroenterologist.

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If he hasn't been drinking a lot of red wine, eating beets or taking pepto bismal (all these can affect colour of stools) then he needs to get to the doctor as this is bleeding high up in the digestive track.  This should happen quickly as he could become anemic or get a bowel blockage.
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Thanks for the advice!  We're seeing the PA at his gastro's office this afternoon.
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