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bilinary dyskinesia

what is bilinary dyskinesia? and how long can it take to cure?
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I googled biliary dyskinesia and it's basically gallbladder disease without gallstones, but problems with the ducts and blockages. The main cure for most people is simply removal of the gallbladder especially if it's kicking out sludge. Do you still have yours?  I've had 4 ERCPs (2 for stent in, 2 for stent out). Gallbladder was removed, causing too much sludge. My CBD blockages are secondary to autoimmune pancreatitis which is now being treated with meds rather than repeated stenting.  

Watch out for the stent packing up after a few mths.  If you feel tenderness just under your rib cage be on the lookout for fever - in which case you go to the ER right away if not sooner  - the stent will need to come out as it's blocked and has caused an infection (happened with both my stents) and you'll need IV antibiotics or you'll become extremely ill.  There's loads of info on biliary dyskinesia, give it a google.    Hope you start feeling better.  
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       I too have googled it BUT can never get a straight YES/NO about getting rid of it. Or how long worst case senerio we do this
       In Dec 08 I went to the ER and they kept me ther 5 hours basically torutred me (only cause I have tiny veins and my body is stingy about giving blood ) I was in so much pain I was crying and even the tears hurt They medicated me and said a bug was going around. The next day we were back in the ER this time they medicated me gave me contrast for a CT &  6 hours went by before a GI Surgeon  appeared NO CT but lucky me Emercency Galbladder removal. I was in the hospital less then 24 hours when I went home and rested. w/i 2weeks I was back in pain so I went back to the GI dr in Jan he did an upper and lower scope. Everything looked good  So Feb  was my 1st ERCP the doc remove sludge, pebbles and goop.  We thought that we were all good ... mid may another ERCP w/ stint I had about 2 weeks of good then pain again  I was able to keep the stint in for 6 weeks..... it was sludge covered when the doc pulled it out (July 1st) The doc put me on sludge/  bile thinning meds But I still hurt so  Tuesday another ERCP w/ stint & he said he did have to clean out the sludge/ bile so we will see if stint + bile thinning meds will work!!!!!
      So I was just wondering is this a possible forever thing or what is the next option after this Do you happen to know...... I guess I will go back to Google again
       Hope your doing better

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Can't imagine this would be a forever thing, hopefully not.  Sounds like you're having quite an ordeal with all this.  Frequent ERCPs also not great as the process can leave bacteria and end up causing pancreatitis.

Just curious, what are the names of the sludge/bile-thinning meds you're on?  
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Been doing some more reading - you're right, there's really not much offered solutionwise for biliary dyskinesia other than removal of gallbladder which you've already had, and time.  About 10% of people who have had a cholecystectomy (GB removal) continue to have biliary problems - post cholecystectomy syndrome (PCS) instead of the usual relief of symptoms and complete turnaround after having GB out.  

What has your doc said about your pancreas, did any irregularities show up on ERCP?  If there's something going on there, it can effect the workings of your bile and bile ducts.  Besides the pain you have lower down, are you getting pain directly beneath the rib cage - center and just right of center?
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     So I went to my DR Friday (The stint was put in Tuesday) and asked him if this second stint combined w/ the bile thinner do the trick what  is the next step .... He told me at that point there would be 2 options A) Try one more stint and staying on the tinner and seeing if the third time is the charm ..... B) Have a surg. where they take the common bile duct cut it to open up the duct and tact the cut duct to ... (I think he said my ab wall but I am not 100% sure where he said it would be tacted)  the surg. is dangerous and is preform by a specailized GI specailist In Utah (where I live) there are only 3 doctors who do this surg. so at this point I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying a bunch of prayers . On Saturday night we were back in the ER w/ Ab pain though .... This is what happened with the 1st stint ... I was able to keep the 1st stint in for 6 weeks and it was completely full of bile when he removed it .... and went to the ER 2 weeks in w/ that one so I am not sure how good this one is doing ....... They can't see bile w/ a CT so It goes lot off how the  Pt feels on when the stint  comes out they like it to stay in 2 -3 months so it helps expand the duct I am going home to NC from the 3 - the 17 the doc is hoping that the trip relaxes me and helps
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Yikes, that Plan B sounds like quite an ordeal..  Hope things get straightened out for you and you start feeling better.  Have a good time in NC!

By the way, what's the name of the bile-thinning med you're on?    ?
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     The Doc's have me on Actigall 300mg 3x a day and it is the bile thinning med
Yeah opption B) does not sound all that  great ... I have stinky veins too so getting an IV in me is almost a joke if you can get one in  by th 5 poke your good and I guzzle water
talk to you when I get back
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