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Can hiv be transmitted this way?

The csw touched her vagina then took her secretions and put them on my penis there were visible on top of my penis, and after she put condom on my penis and we had sex but it was protected. At the moment i thought it was maybe another way of lubrication but later I discovered i put myself at hiv risk. Can hiv be transmitted in this activity i carried out.
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You already asked about this.  You can check the answer to your previous question, it hasn't changed.  No. This is not a risk.  As we said previously, the only risks for HIV transmission are unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. Touching vaginal fluid, touching vaginal fluid to your penis, neither one are risks. AIR inactivates the virus.  So, again, as we said before, NO RISK.  
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I saw on internet that hiv dies immidietely when out of the body but can all hiv viruses really die within seconds in wet fluids like secretions .Does it mean even if those fluids entered my urethra i won’t be infected
HIV transmission only occurs INSIDE the body - sexually, that means ONLY when an unprotected penis is inside a vagina or anus.  There are no "what ifs" that you can ask about this event that would make it a risk for HIV.  
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