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RISK or Should I ignore it

I been dating this girl for 1 week now and we did a lot of orals, a few days prior we wanted to have sex but she was on her periods... so we just rubbed our genitals with each other and accidentally the tip of the penis went inside her like 2cm and when I looked down I saw my penis covered in her periods I washed it immediately but is any risk getting infected like this.
Asked her but she ignored and said that she doesn't any STD.
Worth getting tested?
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A few seconds of unprotected penetration really isn't a risk for anything, and I wouldn't worry about the menstrual blood either.  Drs. Hook and Handsfield have stated that menstrual blood isn't as infectious as other fluids, and unless you deliberately rubbed it into your urethra, it's not likely to have entered your body at all.

Most people wouldn't test for an event like this, but if you are planning on continuing a relationship with this person, and sex will be a part of that relationship, you should consider HIV and STD testing together just to make sure you're both free of infections.
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