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SSNHL loss with diminished hearing in the other ear

On April 15 woke with a loud ringing in my left ear and hearing loss. I knew it was T as I suffer from T in my right ear since 2008. Told my wife about it and decided to rest to see if it gets any better with time. By 11.00 a.m. I was back to my usual self and could hear as normal in my left ear.

At about 20.30 that day felt a bit dizzy with aural fullness and the volume on the television just faded away. I went to bed hoping I can sleep it off and will be ok by next morning.Next morning it was still the same, decided to give it more time and tried not to stress about it. By Monday it was still the same and decided to go to A&E where they have an ent specialist. I was seen in a few hours and diagnosed with SSNHL, prescribed steroids for a week and have been asked to come back on Monday the 25th.   
       I have taken 5 doses over 5days so far and nothing has changed, in fact hearing in the right ear has gone down. How long before the steroids start to work, if at all? I was banking on my right ear to have some normality in life, but now I am totally panicking. What if I go deaf in both the ears, I have a young family, am a working professional at the age of 39. This cannot be happening to me. What are my options.
       I know the loss is profound on the left side and now right will be classified as moderate. Will any hearing aids help me ever? I know I need to give it more time but my head is just bursting with so many questions and uncertainties that I am actually doing more harm to my self than healing. Is there anything I can do or take to give me that extra 1% chance of some/extra recovery  
Thanks you for your help in advance.
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