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Stapendectomy & Bells Palsy & SSNHL

Hi, I had my second Stapendectomy January 12 2016 in my right ear after my first one (June 12 2014 )  FELL Out , five days after my second I developed complete Bells Palsy on my right side of my face witch has only recovered 85 percent, (treated with Prednisone) yet my hearing tested over 85 percent normal,  on the evening of May 6th i felt a poping sensation, the next morning the 7th i was 100 percent deaf in my right ear, and confirmed on that Friday with hearing test, doctor said i had worst luck he has ever seen and now suffering with SSNHL, He started me on Prednisone again, a week later i requested intratympanic steroid injections, i had my third shot today, also requested to be put on Valacyclovir and took that for 7 days after my first shot. I have constant Tinnitus, Question is has anyone experienced this and if so are there any early signs if your hearing came back, i seem to hear a deep ringing  other than the Tinnitus every now and then or am i just suffering from wishful thinking ! needless to say this has been difficult
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