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What to expect at ENT consultation in regards to hearing loss?

My 4 month old son was diagnosed with Profound Unilateral Sensorineural hearing loss at 3 weeks old.
We have his first ENT consultation to look into the causes of why this happened.

How long should you expect to be there? (thinking about feeds.)
What will it entail?
Our audiologist mentioned that the ENT consultant will refer us to other departments such as genetic counsellors and such like.
I'm just wondering what to expect from this appointment l, what information I should have?
I would like to be prepared.
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Sorry to hear that.. Once the physician and audiologist determine that the hearing loss is non-medical (i.e. blocked ear passages, or conductive hearing loss) - which seems to be the case - then they will most likely look for solutions using technology. Depending on how severe your son's hearing loss is, he may be a candidate for BTE hearing aids (which are the strongest/most powerful hearing aid types available) OR cochlear implants or another audiology implant, like bone inducted. For 90-95% of patients with sensorineural hearing loss the treatment is technology.

That's because the doctor is motivated to make use of the hearing cells your son has left, in order to amplify any existing sound. Hope this helps.
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