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Angiography Results

My father who is 73 years old, had pain in his heart. the doctors suggested angiogrphy the results of which are

LMS:   Normal

LAD:    Proximal Diffuse Bifurcating lesion involving origin of D1 80% Middle 80 % Tubular lesion.

CIRC    Continues as OM. Circ to OM2: diffuse disease 80%. OM2 Big vessel.

RCA     Middle 80%. Distal Subtotal. Fills Retrogradely from left system

What should i do.
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Hi. I have though very hard over this and come to a personal conclusion. Your Father is lucky, because he develops collateral vessels which are natural bypasses. Now, the first vessel mentioned is D1, which is a diagonal vessel off the LAD. This is vessel is 80% blocked at where it joins the LAD and halfway along. I thought maybe this could be bypassed, but it would be difficult and maybe not last very long. Personally I think collaterals will handle this vessel when closer to 100%. What disturbs me is his CIRC vessel, being 80% blocked. This vessel I think should be stented and your father will feel much much better. The OM2 is normally a big vessel and with a 80% blockage, he will certainly notice. So, my conclusion, just stent OM2.
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