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Does my 14yr old daughter have a heart issue?

My 14yr old daughter has been diagnosed with PVC (premature ventricular contractions). They are benign, but lately she has had some symptoms that are worrying. She has had chest pain off and on for about 4 months and typically describes it as a burning or aching sensation along her left breastbone. Also, in the last month or so, she has been complaining of aching left arm pain. The pain occurs when she is just simply relaxing, not exercising. It begins below the shoulder and goes all the way down to her hand. My daughter also has said she is always aware of her heart beating, and can usually feel it without putting her hand on her chest. I don't think it's a heart attack because she has had the same symptoms for about 4 months, but could this be another underlying issue besides the PVCs? It is troubling to both of us. Thank you.
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Hi. PVC's are very common in children and young adults. The key for the cardiologist is to establish if they are normal. I understand by saying "benign" that this has been done? If so who decided? With the symptoms you describe I think it is important they establish that there is nothing wrong with her cardiac muscle. A few tests would be required but no surgery to establish the underlying cause if there is one.
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