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Extreme chest pressure while in water, plane

I feel like this would be best asked to a doctor, but none of the ask a doctor forums are accepting questions.  Basically, I'm a little worried.  When I'm in water above my chest or submerged I get this EXTREME chest pressure.  It's not just something small, it's like a 500lb person is sitting on me, and it feels like it surrounds my body, not just my chest.  It has been gradually getting worse, as about 5 years ago I didn't have this problem, now it's horrible.  I also get it in a plane.  I spent 12 hours in a plane last year and had trouble breathing.  By this coincidence I've realized it has something to do with pressure, because even though planes are pressurized, they only are to about 12 or 13,000 feet, not to ground level, and the water creates a ton of pressure.  I have trouble catching my breath on regular days, and have trouble taking full breaths sometimes, so I'm just curious.

I do have Mitral Valve Prolapse, not bad enough that I'm taking meds for it, so I'm not sure if that could be related.  I've also heard 2 other things that I think could be something to look at.  One, some people get pin holes in their hearts that cause pressure issues.  Also I've seen something about heart tissue getting thick (hypertropic cardiomyopathy?) and causing trouble breathing.  I need to fly on a plane in a month and am kinda dreading it, so I hope I can get it fixed or addressed before then.  Please help!
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