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I have documented A Fib, A Runs, and arrhythmia's  that hit in the middle of the night.  After being asleep about 4 hours I wake up with my heart in a run, or A Fib up to 200 beats with BP going very high.  I have noticed it comes after I am asleep in the REM cycle.  That is when the dreams or nightmares begin and then BAD arrhythmia's.  It has been really bad the last few months.  I am exhausted and have tried to figure out why only at night, and what I can do to stop this cycle?  Of course I also have the anxiety while it is happening I could have a stroke with this surge of irregular heartbeats.  It lasts on and off about 3 hours.  I have been using the vagal maneuver and it works but takes a while.  I use it by doing diaphragm deep breathing.  However, once it goes back in place and I stop this technique it starts again.
I take sleep meds, and they seem to not work anymore.  I have lone  paroxysmall A Fib.  The days are perfect just the night.  
Has anyone experience this and any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated?......

This discussion is related to Nocturnal Palps Leading to Afib.
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