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recent bypass surgery

hi three weeks ago i had a double bypass i am 49 things didnt go straight forward for me i had the op but they had to take me back down as apparantly i had a tear they rectified this and stayed in icu for 24hrs then a normal ward i was sent home after 5 days which is the norm i heard that it was possible to get depressed after the op but i thought id got away with it but not so i have felt terrible for the last week feeling panicky for no reason crying ect would you advice me to go too my gp or do you think it will pass on its own .when that feeling comes on i dont think rationaly about it i get a very scary feeling i also havent slept all way thruogh the night since coming home from hospital anyone with any tips would be gratefully accepted
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Depression is common for heart patients in the first year.  I have read that about 50% of patients suffer some degree of depression.

From your symptons- crying, sleeping problems- it sounds like you could be suffering from depression. You should discuss this with your GP. I have read that depression clears up within a year but can be treated with drugs or therapy or both.

I started feeling depressed about 3-4 weeks after my heart attack.  I had trouble sleeping and had crying jags for no reasons.  I talked to my Dr and she put me on Zoloft which was a IMMENSE help. It really made a difference in my life. My life started to get to normal within a week or so.

The other thing that help me was I started cardiac rehab.

If I was you, I would discuss my symtpons with my Dr as soon as possible. The Drs can really help most people in these situations.  You have been through a lot with the bypass surgery.  There is no need to add to it with the depression as the symtpons can be treated.

Good luck!

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