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25 years old, born 7 weeks premature

I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

I saw a few articles that stated being born premature could lead to heart problems (among others) later in life. Specifically, the structure of the heart MIGHT be abnormal (seems like mainly the ventricles).

Other than being premature, I've had good health all my life. For a while, my blood pressure was slightly high - into the 130s - but diet/exercise/caffeine reduction has it to normal range. I don't have any of the complications I've heard that can be carried into adult life (my vision, height/weight, cognitive abilities, lung function, etc have always been great). As it turns out, I also had quite the cardio work up after a spell of anxiety/anxiety attacks (which definitely runs in my family). I had ekgs, blood work, event monitor, a full physical from a great cardiologist and an exercise stress test. Everything checked out. In fact, in the cardiologists' words, I passed everything with flying colors.

So here's my question.. Could I have something wrong with my heart after all of the tests? And how likely would some heart issue be for an adult prematurely? The articles I read we're very vague on numbers, they only said it might be another risk factor for heart disease.

I don't think I'm in any immediate danger (especially with the stress test). But I want to know if I should be following up with the cardiologist or perhaps another Dr. about future concerns.

Thank you in advance for any input.
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Sounds to me like you have done everything to live a healthy life style and to engage preventative medical care - see you doctor(s) and discuss concerns.  That said, we all have risk factors, albeit they are usually low for people in the younger years, here I mean below 65.  

Be careful not to search for things to worry about, and as for premature birth and heart risks, I'm sure you have discussed with you doctor.  If he agrees you have that risk factor, ask what check should be made to stay ahead of any problems.  A simple annual physical with EKG may be all that is necessary to feel you are taking measures to protect youself.  

From what I read and know as a person with a number of years on the world I think you need to focus on living, enjoying life. Yes, take care of your health, but don't let you mind invent anxiety and fear.

Good luck.
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