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Are these symptoms for heart disease?

Hi all,

I'm a 17 year old male with a healthy weight. Around 3 months ago, I began having  a tired feeling in all my arms and legs. I could still walk normally and lift objects fine but they just felt tired and a bit numb all the time. Also, when I was walking, I would start having heart palpitations and my heart would feel like it was pounding very fast. I feel the need to consciously be aware of my breathing from time to time. I had mild chest pain periodically during the day that lasted around 1 second and went away. During the night, I could not fall asleep or kept waking up at 1-2 hour intervals. I started taking chinese herbs and the symptoms started to alleviate and go away. My sleeping went back to normal, and the numbness started to go away.

Recently, 3 days ago, the symptoms came back, although not as severely.

Three days ago, my left arm and leg started to feel  tired and a bit numb again (although I can still use them fine, walking isn't a problem). I feel the need again to consciously breathe every few minutes. I sometimes have mild chest pain that lasts for 1-2 seconds periodically throughout the day. I fall asleep for about 4 hours and then wake up and cannot go back to sleep because of my heartbeat.

Please help, what could this be, I'm 17 and this shouldn't be happening, it's making me extremely worried
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anxiety, try to sleep more on night and avoid day naps.

for anxiety relief eat egg whites of duck daily. it have serotonin increasing substance also serotonin is required to melatonin possibly reason hard to sleep at night.
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