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Heart size is at upper limits of normal range. CTR is 12.8/25.6


I have been feelin really sick the past few weeks and feelin weak as days passed.

It started with chilling at night, hot temp in my eyes and weak arms ang legs and sometimes shortness of breathe. Mostly at night time but as days goes on even now in day time. It is just abruptly happening. At first i thought it was just the change of weather. Weeks past, I felt bloated. Too bloated i couldn't eat anything. Then i experienced palpitations up until now. My hands were shaking even when i am holding my phone or writing or jus drinkin water i can feel my hands shivering shaking.
I didn't bother at first i thought i was jus stressed out and fatigue from busy long nights so i sleep it off and take a good rest. But i was alarmed when my palpitations keep going and more severe cos sometimes i cant control holding my pen. Then there's this backpain and shoulder pain now on the left side. And even when i just woke up from sleep i am catching my breathe. Even lying down i am catching my breathe. A small bit of walk around the house, it made me feel exhausted and really shortness of breathe. Right now, i am feeling week my legs are shaking at time when i walk far too long. My left side of my back and shoulder is always in pain now even with massage it wont go away.

I just got my cxr and it says my heart size is at the upper limit of normal range with CTR of 12.8/25.6. Given the symptoms i had, is there something i really have to worry about? What do i need to ask my GP? Is it something serious?

My med history are:
Total hip replacement in Nov 2014.
Kidney stone (6mm) found in Sept 2015
Stent put in last Dec 2015
Kidney stone removal in Feb 2016
Stent removal coming this 5th April 2016.

Is it safe to go thru the stent removal given i am feeling so sick?

Please advice. I need help. I am still recovering from my right THR as my strength is still not 100%. I don't feel like havin a normal life as i got to battle sickness one after the other.

Thanks heaps in advance.
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As long as it is in the normal range, it is normal, meaning that there is nothing to worry about. It is very well possible that you have had this CTR value all your life.  Also it is very well possible that the cardiac size is a bit exaggerated by factors such as patient rotation or an incomplete breath in.
If you are really in doubt, perhaps you could suggest to your GP to have another X-ray in a few months time?

The palpitations, dyspnea and shoulder discomfort are something you should discuss with your GP. They could be caused by stress but could also be something else. By taking blood pressure, listening with a stethoscope and making an ECG he will probably be able to tell you more.

Thanks for replying. I will do just that, go and ask my gp again.

What is dyspnea? What is the cause of having it?

Till now when i woke up from sleep i am catching my breathe and not feelin okay.

If it's stress how will I know? Is there a test?

Thanks heaps
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Oh sorry, dyspnea is shortness of breath :-)

No, there is not a simple test for stress like analysing blood or so.
Your GP will find out if it is stress related, mainly by ruling out other possibilities.
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