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racing heart normal?

My heart feels like it will randomly start racing, even if I'm just sitting on the couch. Nothing scary or exciting is happening to cause it to raise. Also it always seems to race pound really hard after i get out of the shower in the morning. I recently discovered I have an app on my phone that can measure your BPM (so I'm not sure how accurate it really is- S Health app) but I have been randomly testing mine and I guess my "normal" is about 75-85bpm but every morning after i get out of the shower, it goes to 165-175 bpm. Is this normal? should i be concerned? I'm Im 25, dont smoke, on socially drink on rare occasions, Im of average weight, and the only medication i take is adderall every morning after I get to work.
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I was also having this same problem and my doctor told me the hot water causes the blood vessels to expand in return making your heart pump faster raising your heart rate. Now that you know this is normal i have a very simple cure my doctor told me.. Stop checking your HR after a shower and you will be fine. Have a great day!
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A shower will increase your heart rate a little, as does every activity. That it raises your heart rate to ~170 is not normal.

Big chance that your measurement was faulty.
The next time you get out of the shower, take your pulse by laying your index finger either on the inside of your wrist or in your neck where you can easily feel the beating and count the beats for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.
If you then again measure those high values, make an appointment with your GP.

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