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Is RBBB Life-threatening?

Dear Dr.Michael J. McWilliams,
I wish you may help me answering my heart disease forum I've already sumbitted online.

I have RBBB with no other underlying heart diseases.
I wonder Is IT life-threatening on the long run? as I read that it causes bradycardia which may lead to insuffecient
oxygen demand to my organs!

I lost my consciousness ONCE  last year and I was injured in my mouth! That was before a serious
car accident. I was safe after that accident. Then this year I started having chest pain which made me
checking my heart through ECG.

I read also that RBBB is less serious than LBBB. but does it mean that I can live without having Pacemaker insertion
surgery? I am confused please help me with direct answers.

Thanks for your so precious time.
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I am unsure if you have the right forum. This is a community forum where everyone contributes to support one another with what is going on in their lives...we are all considered on this site to be laypeople ....i do know however that Dr. McWilliams does have a question/answer site and i think you may have just ventured onto this one accidentally.    If you would like the community members weigh in to give you their opinion i am sure many will to share their experiences with you.  Good Luck
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Thanks alot for your comment Cindy.Actually It is my first time contributing here. I saw many helpful posts from Dr.Michael as a specialist that's why I asked for his reply, that doesnot mean I do not need other members' helpful comments. Any other comments are so welcomed ofcourse. I am so confused about my case I need answers. I am sure any one has answers will do. Thanks once more. you are welcomed.
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Good morning i read your post again this morning....and basically understand you are reaching out for members thoughts on your situation with RBBB.  From what i understand RBBB in 90% of cases is caused from improper electrical conduction with the heart and to me common sense would tell me that you should see if an EP study can be done for you if it hasn't already to determine the severity of the diagnosis and then the EP doc can take it from there.  I will tell you the same thing that i tell all members of this community....make it easy of yourself...find a one stop doc...in other words a heart doc that does it all....diagnosis, surgical, EP studies, ablater, etc. so that you aren;'t running from doc to doc in an attempt to get this resolved if at all possible.  You are in a stressful enough situation and why add to that in waiting for each doc to clear their schedules to speak to you or in making appts. to get their findings.  There are many other options available to you other than a pacemaker with your diagnosis and i would seriously exhaust all of those before you take that leap.  Find the best possible specialist in your area and see if you can't get into see them....no self diagnosis on this one..sometimes it is best to hand off the a doc that this is all that they deal with...look for someone who has done course studies in your area because obviously they will be steps ahead of everyone else and will have a vested interest in RBBB because of the studies they are doing or have submitted.  Good Luck to you.....
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I fully agree with what Cindy has told you and I doubt that Doctor McWilliams monitors this Community... if he does I do not remember any interactions with him here.

You identify yourself as "Dr." is that a PhD in a non-medical field or are you a medical doctor?  I ask more as a curiosity, than a solution generator.  But,even if you are a medical doctor I still support Cindy's suggestion to find a specialist, and best if the specialist is recognized as an outstanding practitioner in your specific problem area.
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sometimes when you post a question on the expert forum and they've read the alloted number of questions they answer, it's kicked over into a discussion into the member community; I've tried posting as early as 4am est and still can't get my question in quick enough, so I use the community forum most; which has been a great place to be

I'm not sure on the rbbb because I've had it show up on 2 or 3 ekg's of mine and no dr has even addressed it; I may ask my EP when I go back
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Hi there,
Definitely find a good doctor (an EP) and talk it out, get your questions answered, do any tests that are recommended. I'm assuming you got your EKG from your PCP, and the RBBB came up which has led you to wondering what is going on. I can certainly empathize with you there. The information I've found on the internet describes the condition fine, but doesn't exactly spell out the prognosis or tell you what you should do much besides general heart health advice. Part of the reason there is that there really isn't any treatment for bundle branch block, unless it deteriorates into something more complicated.

All that said, if you don't have any underlying heart disease, my understanding is that RBBB is not a big concern in itself. Certainly all RBBBs are not exactly the same, so you'll want a doctor to assess and monitor the condition. If it develops into a bradycardia or a full heart block, you could require a pacemaker, but that's a bridge to cross should you get there, rather than worry about as a possibility. The episode of losing consciousness... you're doctor will definitely want to understand the circumstances there. I'm not sure how the car accident relates to all of this. Did you faint while driving? Anyway, may or may be an important detail.
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I really would like to thank all who gave me their experiences and information, Thanks for your time. It seems  to me that here is a great place to be really.

Actually I lost my consciousness about 2 months before my car accident. I read that one of causes of RBBB is a blunt chest trauma! I think that might be a realation you know, yet the episode of losing consciousness was before the accident. I will check out with a good cardiologist and I hope to get clear answers for my questions.
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