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Hepatitis B Testing

Hi Guys, Recently I made a mistake of asking the question on HealthTap.com, I told them that I have HbsAg negative and HbsAB positive, the test that I gave 3 years after last exposure. But the doctor said do the full HBV panel, which includes HBcAB and HBeAG. I dont know what was the need of it? What do you guys think? Why HBeAG? Thanks.
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possibly unnecesarily first. secondly may be to check if u were ever infected with hep b virus coz core antibodies remain negative if immunity ie hbsab is gained via vaccination, whatever might be the reason of doing these tests these tests stands irrelevant in a hbsag negative individual except if serious screening is intended for blood donation. Hbeag was unrequired absolutely.
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I have given the test anyways, I dont understand why he recommend that. So say if I get HBeAG positive by any chance, what would that mean? False positive?
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