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Confused about HSV test result..please help!

My boyfriend was tested for herpes after an apparent outbreak. He had never had any type of outbreak before, nor have I. First they said he is positive, now that he is negative. Please help.

HSV IgM I/II Combination: <0.91
HSV 1 & 2 IgM Abs indirect: <1:10 (both 1&2)
HSV I/II IgG Rflx I-II Type Sp: 4.4H

what does this mean?

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I won't read your results please wait for grace to comment on that.

Have you both been tested to know your status?

The combined tests (1&2 and I/II) shouldn't be used because you won't know the true status if one is positive or negative.  Though wait for grace to respond.
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most of the testing your partner had done was the wrong testing :(

His hsv1 igg is negative
His hsv2 igg is negative.

why did he get tested in the first place?

did you get tested?

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He chose to get tested after having apparent symptoms in and around his mouth. Pain, burning, swelling, and bumps.

I have not yet been tested. I've never had any symptom, but also if he is negative, I didn't know if I still should.

If those are the wrong tests, what should we do? They told him he should come back in a few months.
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You should be tested to know your own status. If this was his first outbreak it may not be seen in the blood testing.  He should retest 12 weeks after the "outbreak".  Where any of the sores cultured?

Request only a type specific igg blood test to find your own status.  Do not get the combined or IgM testing.
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even the best herpes tests still miss 1 out of every 10 hsv1 infections. should he experience a recurrence of oral symptoms, he should be seen and ask for a herpes lesion culture of symptoms within 48 hours of their appearance. Potentially much more accurate answers than more blood testing for him.

I agree too that you need tested to know your own status. 1 out of every 2-3 adults has hsv1 orally whether they know it or not. You and your partner can't make educated decisions about what precautions to take for sex and oral sex until you also know your status too.
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