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Do I have HSV 1 genitally?

I was recently diagnosed by bloodwork as carrying HSV-1.  I thought I had received it in childhood (in contrast to my parents reassurance that you just "get them" when you're feeling tired) after becoming educated in college about STI/STDs, but a prior negative test 1-2 years ago reassured me that I didn't have it and it was my own neurotic self.

Looks like that previous test was wrong.  I have been in a committed relationship for 3 years and my partner had tested negative at the beginning of our relationship.  My concern is that during that time where I believed that I did not have HSV-1, we engaged in oral sex multiple times and unprotected sex.  (I feel horribly for "deceiving" him, and he will get a test in several weeks to check himself.)

Anyway, I was travelling the day that I got diagnosed and noticed that my vaginal opening seemed raw the next day. There was no pain, it was just uncomfortable.  At night, it seemed to start to burn, but by the next morning, it was gone.  As evening approached, I noticed that it felt as though there was something lodged underneath my right labia down there.  I tried to check and see what was there and irritated/made it swell up more instead.  The next few days it continued to be uncomfortable.  All during this time, which was the week I was ovulating after my period, I had alot of discharge.  

As soon as I returned home from my trip yesterday, I went to my GYNO and asked for another swab test since my pap smear came back negative for HSV 1 and 2 right before I left for my week-long trip (the same day I got the bloodwork done).  Before the second culture, I examined myself at home and did notice there were clumps of discharge (almost vaseline-like) all around my vaginal opening.

Is this:
1) psychosymptomatic and all psychological
2) an allergic reaction to the Lever soap I used while travelling (and if so, why did my symptoms last so long)  
3) genital herpes - HSV1 ( and am showing just mild symptoms/no blisters due to HSV1 innoculation up on my lip)
4) yeast infection

My OBGYN was vague on when to expect results, and I am driving myself crazy at work trying to figure this out. My current partner is the only person with whom I've engaged "risky" sexual behavior because he had tested negative (and I thought I had, too).  I am pretty upset.
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Hi, just trying to follow this.
You tested positive before 3 years and now in relationship have tested negative with a pap smear (pap smears test for HPV not HSV) and now another blood test and test positive. What test did you have and was there a numerical value?
You now having symptoms if genital irritations but disharge.
First if you have a new sore then have it swabbed within 48 hours after appearing. This is the best way to know what you have and where.

If you have hsv1 oral and want to know if you now have it on the genitals. The only real way you would get it is by your boyfriend giving you oral sex and him actually has it.

This is unlikely as he tested negative and also if you have hsv1 oral the antibodies would be a big deterant in contracting it there, but it is possible.
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Thanks for answering.  Sorry if I was confusing.  I remember getting something LIKE cold sores in the past as a child and once in my teens before I knew anything about herpes, but when I got tested 2 years ago for it (not sure if it was type specific), I was told negative.  And so, at the start of my relationship 3 years, my boyfriend had also tested negative and I THOUGHT I was negative.

I recently just got tested last week along with my annual exam, and tested positive for HSV1 by bloodwork.  I researched the internet (obsessively) and realized that the "blisters" that I had gotten as a child and were indeed cold sores/HSV1. The doctor told me it was type specific. She didn't give me a numerical value.  

The symptoms that I've been having don't include blisters - just irritation, swollenness, and itchiness on and off, but I also now know that it could be because I already have HSV1 on my lip so the genital symptoms are mild.  

I know that in the 3 years of kissing, sharing food and drinks, and having sex (including oral sex) with my boyfriend, he could have gotten HSV1 from me and passed it down to me genitally.  I am also afraid that I may have passed it to him genitally.  He hasn't shown symptoms (yet), but he may be an asymptomatic carrier.  He is getting a blood test in a few weeks, so I will hope he gets negative for HSV1, which means he does not have it orally or genitally

I was wondering if my symptoms sound like "mild" cases of genital herpes...
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OMG...I had a slight itch where my vaginal hair is and noticed it felt sore after some time.  I just looked and noticed a small white dot.  I can't tell if it's a blister or a pimple (which I've gotten once before and freaked out, getting it swabbed).

What is the usual difference? I am freaking out.
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Should I get another culture of the blister/pimple/whatever it is or just wait on the culture swab of my vagina (recall no blisters) completed yesterday?

Will it make a difference?
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