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HSV 1 Positive & HSV 2 Negative

Greetings All,

Does anyone have the same sensation on their penis, feeling icy mint, like a burning sort of abrasion like someone rub sandpaper on your foreskin. That is the kind of feeling I keep getting when I start switching on the fan and blowing directly near my body and hips area. Is that because of the herpes reaction. Also when I masturbate, I notice the burning sensation grows even more, and it would take days for it to subside and it would go back to that normal icy cold mint feeling on my penis. My foreskin if I pull back, the front would be all red and till the middle and bottom of the foreskin, the penis skin looks normal just like my skin. Is the red front foreskin appearance cause by the herpes virus. Lastly if in the future I would like to have protected sex and blowjob with a girl using condom, now that I had herpes, would I get HIV more easily than a normal individual who does not have STDS. That is the advice which I needed most in preventing myself from getting HIV in the future. Your advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks for reading.
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So when you say HSV1 positive and HSV2 negative, are you saying that you had a blood test with those results? Statistically, the chances are that you have an oral hsv1 infection (think cold sores), not a genital one. About half the adult population has oral hsv1, and 90% won't ever get any symptoms.

That said, the icy mint feeling is not a symptom of herpes.

If you have redness on the head of your penis, you might have balanitis, which can be a fungal or bacterial infection. It could also be dermatitis or eczema, which might give you the feelings you're having. Has a doctor seen that?

If you can tell me more about how you were diagnosed with hsv1, I can help answer your questions about HIV. Generally speaking, if you use condoms, you won't get HIV. If you are in a relationship with someone who doesn't have HIV, you can't get it from them, either. So, as always, use condoms until you are sure of someone's STD status, and know you are both committed and monogamous.

I can get more specific when I have more info about your testing and diagnosis.

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Hi @auntiejessi,

Thank you for your response, 6 months ago, I had a sexual encounter with a girl as both of us was single, I get to know her from a mutual friend, before our consensual agreement to be committed to our sexual act, I did asked her about her status, she mentioned to me her previous test shows she tested negative for everything because her company require staff to be tested every 6months as it was part of the company policy. For that reason, I trusted her, what happened during the act was, there was no kissing involved because of my smell of breath of heavy alcohol, therefore she proceed to offer me oral sex with condom attached, and no condom was replaced and next we move on to having vaginal sex for the first round, after the first round, she uses wet wipes cleaning my penis and placed the second condom on me for the second round, and I did not went down on her licking her ***** or even fingering from the first and second round, its just vaginal sex straight, I did not keep track of the time but maybe in average 60minutes or less than that, it was quick as we were both excited during that time, after the second rounds was completed, we chatted for awhile at the bed and later I remove the condom inside the shower, I decided to take a hot shower and get some rest. How I felt weird about my penis was after waking up the next morning. I went to the mirror and saw why I pull back my foreskin, the front part look so red and winkle like. Next while I was waiting for my result (2 weeks), I happened to develop cold white sore below my right lower lip end region, maybe it could be the cold weather, I was surprised about that because we did not exchange any kisses during the act, the only act being committed was protected oral sex and 2 rounds of virginal sex with condom included too, so once my result was out, the doctor told me the results show exposure for HSV1 Positive but for HSV2 turned out negative. I ask the doctor if she provided me protected oral sex and 2 rounds of sex with condom inside vagina, could I still be HSV1 Positive on my genital, he mentioned to me it was possible, because herpes could be spread by skin to skin contact even outside the condom area as the skin was exposed even if both of you have no sores, blister or lesions, the doctor kept telling me actually majority of human had herpes in someways regardless of what age category you are in, he started telling me young man, did not ever had chickenpox when you was a kid, there is also herpes virus did you know that, and he kept telling me herpes is no big deal, many herpes started out being asymptotic where people did not realize they could have it, he did not considered herpes as an std or sti, the way he speaks to me about my result was so chill and casual and was joking around and ask me to relax and calm down and it felt horrible how he speaks to (me) his patient first time dealing with herpes, so I argue with the doctor, before we committed to our sexual act, we cleaned our-self and we both checked on each other, both of us did not had any signs of open sores, so it came to a shock now knowing I had the virus with me forever even while using condom. I am no longer with her anymore because she thinks I was paranoid due to my heavy questioning once I told her about my positive result, as I requested her to be tested, she argued with me there was no symptoms on her and she did not see any reason why she needed to be tested, after this incident ended, it came to my realization despite taking all the safety measure wearing condom and having 2 rounds of vaginal sex, condom was still not good enough to prevent myself from contracting STD like herpes, I did not knew it could be that contagious and it was a tough lesson learn as it affected me psychologically but not physically in someways. Fitness and cardio wise, I had no problem, I still continue to go for my usual jogs and work out. The strange things was I did not had any signs of symptoms, no sores, blister, pus or fluid, my penis head was fine,  just the penis foreskin at the front section near the middle part turns like red when I pull it back as I am uncircumcised (like a lesion kind of abrasion color) and it had a wrinkly sort of appearance like some raw red meat sort of, and the middle and the back of my penis foreskin just look like my normal skin color of my skin. I did noticed something, I believe because of the front foreskin being red and giving me this mint icy abrasion sensation, that could explain why me penis felt that way ever since, especially if the penis inside was wet as the penis would always had clear clean fluid inside, and if I decided to switch on the fan and blow around my hips area, my penis would always have that icy cold mint feeling down my underwear protecting it, which can be kind of annoying, however I had to live with it forever.  Even with the doctor disclosing the result, he examined my penis once again and told me there was no signs of genital herpes in my penis, therefore I cannot prescribe you any medication other than some moisturizer and that was it. Because for that reason, I am planning to seek a second opinion from the other doctor, I believe my HSV1 herpes could be caused by the oral sex and the vaginal sex I had even with condom attached. Just my unlucky day. Hope with the explanation provided, you would be able to answer my question, so now that I had HSV1 / or lets imagine HSV2, put it this way I have 2 type of herpes (hsv1) and (hsv2) as an example, lets considered it as genital herpes and mouth herpes even though my result for HSV2 came out negative, Now that I had the herpes virus, I read that my chances of catching HIV is high because now I had herpes virus inside my body, does that meant to say, what if I met a girl and maybe she might thinks she is clean, but in reality she could be HIV Positive or suffering from any STD not knowing, if I use a condom and with myself already having herpes, would it be a risk of myself getting HIV if I had vaginal sex with condom attached ? That is the question what feared me the most, as I am trying to educate myself better to prevent myself from getting HIV, I feel now that I had herpes, my social and future love life would not be able to go back to like my previous normal as I was so used to with having casual friendship encounter from social networking as I am working in the creative industry and partying lifestyle had always being part of my life. Thanks for reading and I would be delighted to hear from your valuable advice once again. Take care
Okay first, this is a lot to wade through, so bear with me.

If you have ghsv1, it's not from vaginal sex. It's from oral sex. If she has ghsv1, it almost never transmits. (This is good info for you to have, too.) Ghsv1 rarely sheds, rarely recurs, which means it rarely transmits.

If you have it, you will likely never give it to anyone else.

The symptoms you saw the next day - this isn't herpes. It's not any STD. No STD gives you symptoms that quickly. It takes at the very least 2 days, usually longer.

If she gets checked by her company - which I'm not sure I believe, because that's illegal unless she performs some kind of duties where she can transmit STDs - her testing probably doesn't include herpes. What does she do for work? If she's an exotic dancer or something, I could see it. Maybe the tests include herpes, but even if you go in and ask to be tested for "everything", herpes is often not included.

You used a different condom for oral sex and vaginal sex. You didn't kiss her. Everything was protected. The chances of you getting anything, including herpes, from this woman are next to nothing.

Maybe you had a reaction to the wipe, which many aren't meant for use on the genitals, but are still used there.

I don't know what the white sore on your lip was, but if you didn't kiss her and you didn't perform oral on her, you didn't get anything orally from her.

Chances are that you had a pre-existing oral hsv1 infection that you didn't know about. How long after the encounter did you test?

Stop worrying about HIV. Most people don't have HIV - less than 1% of the population does, and you and your partner can test and you can use condoms until you know for sure your partner doesn't have it, so you have no reason to worry about HIV if your partners are women, and you aren't using needles for drug use.

And take a BREATH. You have hsv1. I agree with your doctor - this is not worth freaking out about. You probably have it orally, and even if you had it genitally, you'll learn about it and will live with it.

Half the adult population has hsv1. You are one of them. You'll be fine.  

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