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Likely hood of Herpes?

Less than 24 hours ago I visited an escort. It was a quick encounter and my first time with her. I wore boxers (to eliminate the risk of my pubic area getting involved) and put my penis through the hole on my boxers, then I wore a condom which went down to my base. Vaginal intercourse was less than 2 minutes, maybe even less than a minute and I was looking down the whole time making sure the condom stayed in place, which it did.

When I finished I noticed that although the condom does go down to the base, the underside of my shaft had about a centimeter and a half of exposed skin, and that exposed skin is near the scrotum. So I guess even though the condom went to the base, the underside is still a bit exposed. I’m not sure if this further information helps but the position we were in was doggy (on her knees). So I’m not sure if the underside centimeter of skin exposed went inside her vagina.

I asked her later on if she has any STDs including herpes and she told me she doesn’t. There were also no visible bumps but I could be  wrong because I didn’t see much.

I have had a full screening done before and came out negative multiple times. I’m also not very sexually active so I had nothing to be worried about prior to this meet.

My question is should I be worried about this encounter? What are the chances of contracting herpes?
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The chances of getting herpes from this are very, very low.

You had just a sliver of skin exposed, and it was brief.

Even if you were in a long term, monogamous relationship with someone with herpes type 2, and all you did was avoid sex during outbreaks, you'd have a 4% chance PER YEAR of getting it.

Using condoms drops that to 2%.

The chance that you got herpes from a one time, fully (and then some) protected encounter is very, very low. I wouldn't even worry another second about it.
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Hey thank you for your response, I do have an update.

It has been exactly 34 hours since my last encounter I wrote about. I didn’t have my pubic area exposed at all.

Just 2 hours ago I noticed something on my upper left pubic area, could be a pimple or something else. It looks like a single small pimple. It hasn’t been itching there or burning around that area prior to me seeing it. I noticed because I itched once and felt a mild disturbance as if something is there. When I touch it there is no pain at all, when I apply pressure there also isn’t pain unless I apply a lot of pressure then I start to feel minor pain. The tip of this pimple like object is light pink and it’s solid (feels hard when pressing down).

I haven’t noticed this at all of felt anything  until I touched it. To the best of my memory I haven’t been itching around this area before or felt anything suspicious. I have now messed with it a few times and I’m noticing flaring, almost a burning like sensation in this area. I still don’t feel any pain unless I apply an adequate amount of pressure. Could this be an outbreak or anything to worry about??
That is not herpes. You wouldn't be able to press on it and poke at it without pain, and herpes isn't solid.

Stop playing with it, though, whatever it is. Doing that is a great way to irritate it or infect it with bacteria on your hands, and then you'll be even more worried that it's herpes.

Is anxiety normal for you? If it is, have you ever talked to anyone about it - your doctor, a therapist?

Again, the chance that you'd get herpes is very, very low. It's about as close to zero as it can be. (It's not zero, because sex always has a risk, but it was protected with condoms and boxers.)

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