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Lower back/hip aches?

Hey People!

Just curious about something... My lower back has been hurting (feels like i've been sitting in a car for a long time) on and off over the course of the last 4 weeks. This has been accompanied by a little bit of occasional pain (like a dull soreness) around my hip on both sides (where the hip flexor would be).

I have not been diagnosed with HSV 2, and have no visible symptoms of any sort of outbreak. I did have a one night stand with two girls (one of which I think had HSV2, three months ago. and the other 5-6 weeks ago). Both times where protected.

After the last encounter, I freaked out kinda and couldn't stop thinking that I caught HSV2. This is when the back pain first started. The pain went away after about 2 weeks, and now is back again, along with the hip aches.

The pain in my back usually goes away when I lay down, so I'm not sure what to make of it.

Does this sound like the type of back pain that people with HSV2 have? and if not, what does HSV2 induced back pain feel like? (sharp, dull, etc)?

Also, is back pain ever the only symptom?

Thank you!
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No that seems outside the genital nerve region in any event.

There is no reason to suspect a genital herpes infection and with a one off protected encounter, testing is not required.
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No, back pains on their own are not a symptom of herpes. This is being overthought. The hip would also not be impacted by the crawling feeling, slight shooting pains or sunburn feel that accompanies outbreaks at times.
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So the hip being sore (where the thigh and abdomen meet) is nothing to be worried about? (at least as far as HSV is concerned?)

Also, just to be 100% sure I am going to get a IgG test tomorrow. But your info is helping put my mind at ease.
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Just to clarify, the hip pain feels like a muscle soreness.

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Thank you.

I hope Im not asking too many questions, but when people say they have back pain from HSV... what does it usually feel like? Is it a sharp pain or tingling of sorts? Or a deep dull muscle ache typically?

Thank you again.
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