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How to lower blood pressure

Hi, I am looking for ways to lower my blood pressure. I'm 58, and had a heart attack due to blockage in 2003. I have 2 arterial stents in the same spot (2003 and again in 2014) and 2 weeks ago I admitted myself to the ER with arm and chest pain. They did a cardiac cath and didn't find any blockage over 50%. I was released later that evening with an appointment to see my cardiologist.

My Ejection Fraction is at 52% due to damage to my heart in 2003.

I am taking:

6.25mg Carvedilol 2x per day

20 mg Lisinopril 2x per day

My blood pressure in the ER avg 150/90

My heart rate is naturally low and with these meds it avg low-mid 50s.

My Cardiologist added Doxazosin 1mg at bed time, but my BP is unchanged.

I'm 6' 210 lbs

I work part time 4 hrs per day cleaning houses with my girlfriend and I'm a drummer in a classic rock band. I also do light weight lifting 3 days a week on a bowflex. I don't think I'm in bad shape.

My Dr. is concerned about increasing my Lisinopril or Carvedilol due to my low heart rate.

What can I do other than increase meds?
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I was able to recover from a stroke due to Cardiform capsules. This remedy is aimed at a comprehensive improvement of the cardiovascular system, vascular cleansing, improving blood circulation, etc. I have completed 2 courses, perhaps one will be enough for you. My expert approved the use of capsules, there is a very good composition.
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Not sure if this can help, but stop the coffee or tea if you drink it (black tea), stop smoking if you smoke or dip (chewing tobacc0) stop that right away. Do you have any chronic tooth infections (if you have had root canals in the past they can get infected without you knowing it) or gum/mouth infections or any others in your body? That can cause high blood pressure from what I read. I think that's why my BP is so high, as I'm a healthy weight/height, don't smoke or drink and mine's usually between 160/90 to 200/98 and I'm not on any drugs. Hope this might help.
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Hello!  I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner!  I'm not far from your age and also trying to get back to heart health. I just take losartan and it helps but need a bigger push. YOu are eating a low cholesterol diet? I have read so much about walking. At a brisk pace but for long periods. If you do this for 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you may see cardiovascular improvement. Weight lifting is good and keeps you burning calories after the activity. But does elevate your heart rate so should be careful. Anyway, any updates? There is a weight loss and dieting group here I like if you want to join with me! (it's a forum here on medhelp)
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