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Alternative Vaccinations and Immunizations

I would like to know of any natural or alternative methods of vaccination and immunization for children and adults.  I have decided to forgo vaccinations for my children because of all the side effects and risks, but since we will be traveling to other countries I need to know how to get the vaccinations I need without going the formal route with all its damages and side effects.  

I've read both good and bad about homeopathic vaccinations, but I'd like to know more and also to learn whether there are another alternatives out there.

Is it possible to get treated with additive- and chemical-free vaccinations and immunizations (no formaldehyde, mercury, colorants, etc)?  What kind of doctors or clinics administer those?  Are there any of these in Chicago or Los Angeles?
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There are no alternatives. Your child will be denied entry without a WHO vaccination card, and the vaccinations authorized are those in the PDR.

That being said vaccines often come in two varieties. Killed and active.

The killed vaccines generally have to be injected. These have less (although negligible) risks.

Within the category of "killed" vaccines there are "single-dose" and multiple dose.

Always use the single-dose vials because they do not contain mercury preservative.

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Thanks so much -- this was very helpful advice!!
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