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Do I have Dengue Fever? Symptoms won't go away

I am currently living in Phuket, Thailand

Last Sunday I woke up with extreme body aches in muscle/joints
I had malaise high temperature till Thursday
I then came out in a huge rash all over my body which went away on Saturday

I still had body pains on sunday/monday.

Yesterday ,last night , on monday I also had a terrible migraine. One of the worst headaches in my life, only had several as bad.

Another really weird thing happened last night............Cold symptoms came on really quickly (45 minutes), Sinuses completely blocked, sneezing, nose running............BUT these symptoms were then gone after 2 hours of sleep

I've never experience anything like that, serious cold symptoms only lasting a few hours?

What worries me is I can feel pressure on my brain still today (Tuesday) I will go to the hospital

I tested also for HIV a few days ago which came back negative.

Anyone have any ideas why severe cold symptoms may come on and then disappear within a few hours

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Hi and welcome to the Infectious Disease forum. Have you see the doctor? How are you feeling now.  Were you bitten by a mosquito before this all started? Also, the cold/virus symptoms may have just been part of whatever virus/problem you have. Did you have a very sore throat and high fever?
Its possible you got Dengue. The symptoms are similar. It will pass . But if it gets worse like any bleeding such as bleeding gums, nose bleed etc. Then see the doctor.
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