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identfying bacteria which is the root cause for septic shock

My name is Jag and I have a younger sister who is in the ICU of a hospital in Canada fighting for her life. Her case has turned out to to be a mystery diagnosis and we are trying to explore all avenues in finding a root cause. We are trying to reach out to as many medical professionals as possible in the hopes that we can find a resolution. The details are-

-She is a 35 year old female of Indian origin who is presently living in Steinbach, Canada. She works as a kindergarten teacher to a school catering to immigrant children from Germany and Russia.
-About two months back, she started complaining of severe lower back ache and the doctors initially diagnosed it to be a case of kidney
infection and she was given three courses of antibiotic treatment back to back. This seemed to give her a little respite for sometime but the pain and general tiredness never went away.
-Last monday, after she complained of nausea and extreme weakness, she was admitted to the local hospital's emergency. Her blood pressure was dropping very low and she had a septic shock. She was moved to another hospital in Winnipeg, Canada on tueday early morning and she has been staying there in the ICU eversince.
- From what we have been told, the doctors there have been unable to pinpoint the bacteria that is causing this. Her vital signs are all looking good.

what is the kind of help we are looking for:-

- We need help in identifying the bacteria. The fact that she is in one of the better hospitals and they are still not able to isolate the bacteria that is the root cause indicates that this might be a rare case.
- Are there any facilites either in the US or Canada which specialize in identifying a wide range of bacteria to which we can maybe have the hospital send a sample .

I realise that the details provided above are not thorough or very technical but this is all I could gather at this moment. If you need any further details, please email me and I will make sure I get the answers to any of your questions.

We are very thankful to the hospital that is providing excellent care to her but the fact that the bacteria has not been identified yet has prompted us to reach out in this way
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Has she tried seeing a Infectious Disease specialist?
Have they done a Blood Culture? I assume they would have, if they havent I would be pretty shocked and surprised. A blood culture would help ID bacteria.  
I would get an ID specialist to study the blood and urine more, or perhaps maybe even a kidney biopsy.

Does she have any other symptoms at all? like diarrhea, fever, nasal congestion, stomach pain?
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I do hope you are checking this on Medline. Don't go on Medline Plus; go on the regular Medline and register in some way so you can access the real medical journal articles, not the pablum-for-patients stuff. Also, there are listserves, like the Spirit of 1848 website and list, of medical pros and semipros, who might know someone who might know where to look. . . I wish I could be more helpful. I do hope that your sister will be cured.
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