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Drenching night sweats and other things

Many weird things on.

To start:
Odd sensation on left side of face started MONTHS ago. It only happens when I wash my face. Shooting electric like type sensation is best way I can describe it. I blew it off. @ routine obgyn visit, I asked doc about it. She brought up Trigiminal neuralgia and made me promise to check into so I made appointment with GP.

In the interim, I had a routine eye exam. During dilation, it was discovered I have an enlarged optic nerve in my left eye. Eye doc sends me to opthomologist neurologist.

At that appointment, He saw the swelling, but said it was simply a benign condition and called it pseudopapilledema. That same afternoon I had appointment with general practitioner. She's concerned because they're both on the same side of face and to add to my fear, while examining my eyes, she noticed my eyes weren't working together when she had me follow her scope to my nose. so, she calls the doc I saw that morning and he said nothing to worry about because it was this Pseudothing and that my eyes probably weren't working properly from that mornings dilation. GP, doesn't by it and is sending me to get an MRI.

Another weird thing is that I have DRENCHING night sweats. I soak the bed, pillow, covers to the point we have to change sheets and I have to change clothes. I've been blowing that off cause I'm 42 and thought I was going thru "the change" but doc says no, I'm too young for that and even if it were premenaposal night sweats, it wouldn't be drenching.

Can all this be related? Or just odd coincidences? GP ordered full blood work up too. Asked about family history of autoimmune diseases, leukemian, and lymphoma.

I'm a little freaked out. None of these things seem like anything "major" right? GP is suspicious so I'm getting worried.

Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated!
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Recent blood tests show low neutrophils segmented percent at 40.4% (50-70% normal), high eosinophils percent at 14.1% (1-5% normal), and high eosinophils absolute at .9 (.05-.5 normal)

What does this mean?
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I don’t know if you found out what was wrong yet. It has taken me five years and every specialist to learn nothing. I went through all my bloodwork and did some research and came up with Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome. It was confirmed yesterday and I am waiting for referral to a geneticist. I call them flairs: Drenching Sweats, weight loss, extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes. Diagnosed with lymphocytitis, thrombocytopenia, anemia, low platelets and high white counts. Flairs can last anywhere from 1-5 days.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I'm sorry to hear all you are going through.  Lymphoma and Leukemia cap present with symptoms that are not always the same from one person to the next.  In general, typical lymphoma/leukemia symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, usually found around the neck, collar bone, armpit or groin area, however you have lymph nodes all over your body, even deep inside where a swollen node could go unnoticed.  For me, Lymphoma was found in my breast, which is not a typical place for it to present.  Some swollen nodes can put pressure on nerves or other organs, and pain or numbness may be the only symptom observed by the patient.  

It sounds like you have a good GP who is really looking out for your best interest.  The blood tests and MRI will probably be helpful with diagnosis or at least ruling out cancer.  The night sweats are a bit concerning, although there are a few other possible causes.  Some medications can cause night sweats, along with  hormonal disorders, infections, and thyroid issues (just to name a few).  

I do hope you get good news soon.  Please come back and let us know what you find out after the MRI and blood tests.
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