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Blood problems

I experience unexplained bruising on my skin, small cuts that appear with a small amount of blood, red blemishes on my skin and weight loss. Also I have had itchy skin but I have been out in the sun this summer and I got a bit burnt  However I changed my diet from fast foods to fresh fruit and vegetables with chicken, turkey, and salmon sandwiches. I have an appetite - I can eat  Changes in diet could account for some of the weight loss that I have experienced. I had a colonoscopy performed recently and there was no cancer. I don't smoke , don't engage in drugs, and don't drink. There is no history of cancer in my family. Has anyone ever experienced unexplained bruising, small cuts with small amounts of blood on the surface of the skin, red skin blemishes and itchy skin?
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Are you 77, or is that just a random number you used for your avatar name?
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I ask because it's not uncommon at all for someone at 77 to have bruises and cuts (and not to be able to remember what one bonked against that caused it). The skin gets thinner with age, and especially if the person is on aspirin therapy, a bruise can happen without bumping into anything in a big way.
Hi Annie,
No, I'm 61 at the present time. I'm not on any medication at the present time. You say a bruise can happen at anytime. What about small cuts forming on a person's skin with small amounts of blood appearing as well as some red blemishes - not really rashes that I would say. The itchy skin could be the result of sun exposure because it seems to occur on my arms and back of my next that had the sun tan.
If these scratches and blemishes were on me, I would assume I had brushed up against our sticker bushes, been bitten by a bug, or been scratched by our kitten, who does that on occasion. But in your shoes, I'd see the dermatologist and ask.
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