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I have my penis bent to the left.

I'm 25. I have the bend in penis since the age of 16. When I hit 24, I stopped masturbating to the 1 time a week. And slowly I made it 1 time in a month and after a while I left masturbating at all. But as I stopped the frequent masturbation, I feel my penis bent more towards left. However there is no pain. But how do control it bending more?
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A penis bending to right or left slightly when erect is normal.  Is this a significant change? If so, it could be a symptom of Peyronies disease. If you are not having pain, that's a good sign. Here's information on Peyronies.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peyronies-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20353468  I think you need to be seen by a doctor.  Is it just the way it looks that is bothering you as you don't have any other symptoms?  I understand not wanting it to get worse and as this is scar tissue building up, that definitely happens. Since this is early in it happening if it IS Peyronies, then this is considered the acute phase and they often recommend penile traction.  So, that's something you can talk about with your doctor.  
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This could be Peyronies Disease. Ask your doctor. There are treatments for Peyronies Disease
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Did you know 85% of men has a curve and live a normal life no problems, Stay Safe
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