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Penis Fear - bending on getting semi with touch of pain

I am in my 40's and never had any problems viral wise whatsoever, I noticed I wasn't waking up erect needing toilet after thinking about the worrying problem I am going to explain,

A couple of days ago I was getting semi-erect and found myself feeling strange feelings, a sort of feeling but not pain, as in how I know pain.

Anyhow was getting semi-erect and found that after about 4 inches to the middle there was a couple of inches that wasn't performing like the rest, this is where it bent to the left although the top few inches were the same as the bottom.

I also noticed a small bit of pain going from the loose bent part to the tip - and have had a strong urine smell than normal. As I speak I have my legs crossed as its quite worrying as well as frightening - any links advice truly appreciated as I find this Hard (sorry for the pun) to explain & am very worried.

- Kindest Regards.
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Hey Chris, welcome.  This sounds like something called Peyronie's Disease.  This happens when there is scar tissue.  You could have hurt your penis recently or previously or it adds up and accumulates over time.   https://www.webmd.com/men/peyronies-disease#1  All the way down to the bend you describe matches symptoms.  A doctor can give you a pill to break down scar tissue.  
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Thank you for your rapid & kind response as I shall check the link you sent right away.
-Regards, Chris.
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What did you think of the link? Does it sound like your situation?
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