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Hunger strike

I'm hunger-striking, I haven't been eating since Sunday! only 1 yogurt per day, water, tea with a bit of sugar.

I already lost 4 kg! (13.1 pounds in 5 days)

is it normal to drop weight so quickly? are there consequences in the short term?

I am a few kilos I could spare I weight 85 kilos I could go down to 75? (187lb to 175 )

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Actually, anything under 137 pounds would be considered underweight for you. I like to try to stick to a BMI of no lower than 20, so for you, that would be around 147. According to the BMI calculator, you have a BMI of 25.4, which is just slightly in the category of overweight. If you were to go down to 175 pounds, you would have a BMI of 23.7, which is in the healthy range.
To lose weight, it is not good to starve yourself. It malnourishes the body, and you may get sick. Any calorie consumption a day under 1200, and the body may go into starvation mode and store anything you eat as fat. Normally with eating right and exercising, people lose between 1 and 2.5 pounds per week, which is a healthy range. Lowfat or fat free yogurt is good, because it has calcium and protein, tea is also good, but if it has a lot of caffeine, I wouldn't drink too much. Too much caffeine is dehydrating. Try lean chicken and fish, with some vegetables and whole wheat breads or other starches. Drink plenty of water.
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I'm 6 feet tall and I calculated with a Body Mass Index tool online that I could go down to 130 pounds before being underweight? that's very low!
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thank you Gracie, that is really interesting!

I do need to lose weight but this is only coincidental with a hunger strike, so I won't be having regular meal for a unknown period of time. that's why my weight is dropping so fast.

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so hunger strike is over. but I wanna keep following a diet the way you have suggested!
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