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Achilles Extreme Tendonitis

I had a bone spur removed near the left Achilles in  2005- and the Dr said he removed 15% of my tendon,   fast forward to now- I have Achilles Tendonitis in both now,  worse than before

I met a new ortho that says tendon should never be removed & I have I had two PRP
(platelet rich plasma therapy ) injections from the new Dr.

Two months now & little better,  not pain free.
Does any one have any thoughts for the 50 year old male?
Has this  PRP worked for anyone?
Dr  says surgery still an option, recommends Achilles Debridement surgery.  Any one had this done?
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It is always good to go in a conservative approach and keep surgery as the last option.

It is good that you are responding to platelet rich plasma injections.
PRP therapy offers a solution to accelerate healing of tendon injuries and osteoarthritis naturally without subjecting the patient to significant risk so your orthopedician is trying to heal your tendoachilles and as he had said surgery is the last option for you.

There are many growth factors present in your blood, however cumulatively they accelerate tissue and wound healing so platelets rich plasma is given to accelerate growth.

Take care!
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I'm curious about the PRP injections and their frequency. You mentioned two months had passed. Were you given one shot per month? Will you receive more of those treatments in the future?

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the Dr  said wait 8 weeks for the full healing to take affect,  I was at the point for surgery which I've had in the past,  after the first injection I was better & even more so after the second.  
I've read where it can take up three injections,  At this point I'm 50/50  if I would do another injection.
One thing is sure I don't need surgery!!!!

I"m  very happy with the out come,  during my healing at each point it feels like a bruise that's healing..

Hope this is helpful

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