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Do these symptoms sound like more than flat feet?

I have had flat feet all my life and have been getting increasing intensities of symptoms for years.
Symptoms include: Painful feet when walking, swelling on the arch side of both feet, pins and needles type sensations in mainly feet/lower extremities, burning sensations on soles of feet,knee pain,muscle twitches in mostly the legs, lower back pain (tingling/moving sensation underneath skin) and pain in/around both shoulder blades and the top of the arm, cold feet take ages to warm up and my feet will still feel cold despite being warm to touch.
Ive tried to talk to doctors about this a few times as I thought it might be something with my nerves but have been quite dismissive, any options on how to proceed?
I live in the UK btw
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You know, we go for so long on these feet of ours taking them for granted, don't we? Then something goes wrong and we realize how important foot health is.  Do they have a specialty in the UK called a podiatrist?  That's a food doctor.  All they do is work with feet.  Otherwise, an orthopedic doctor is your best bet.  

I don't know your age but my feet can be finicky, the older I get.  I learned that we have a lot of 'padding' on our feet.  If we wear the wrong shoes, we cause trouble.  Changing your shoes can make a difference.   All shoes have exactly x number of miles in them.  They may look fine but be done.  Is this all your shoes that you get this issue in?  

Have you ever heard of peripheral neuropathy?  https://www.webmd.com/brain/understanding-peripheral-neuropathy-basics#1  Feet are a common place to have this.  Are you sure your symptoms don't match that?

But you are right.  Having flat feet can cause the issues you have.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/168608  A podiatrist or physical therapist can give you exercises to try to try to make it better or help. Insoles are another option and can help.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing!
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Yeah I’m 20 now I have looked at a few things for my symptoms and PN has come up a few times. Just trying to get in to see any specialist is a bit of a nightmare!
You seem young to have PN, to be honest.  Unless you have something like diabetes.  I am guessing this is directly related to your flat feet.  Do you have arches?  Do you do any stretches?  https://www.fixflatfeet.com/exercises-for-flat-feet/  This link has some exercises you could try. Also, be mindful of shoes wearing out even if they aren't old.  It happens.
I have arches only when I am non weight bearing and then my feet role in so much it’s not visible when standing. My shoes wear very quickly and unevenly in some places and because my foot is quite tall it’s uncomfortable in many shoes
Flat feet are tough to deal with. It sounds like you've had issues surrounding this a long tie and they are getting worse.  I would get yourself on that waiting list for a specialist.  I think it is important.  You are a young person and need to be able to get around without encumbrances.  While I hope it doesn't come to surgery, they CAN do surgery for this.  I think all other things should be exhausted first.  And a podiatrist can guide you. Physical therapists also can help.  Exercises, stretches, strengthening, arches, proper footwear, etc.  
There are orthopedic surgeons who are also foot specialists.  But I'd see a podiatrist, as Mom suggests.  But it sounds like your problem isn't just flat feet, it sounds like you also pronate.  I don't know what kind of shoes you wear, but if you go to very high end running shoe store they can look at your stride and tell you what kind of shoe you should be wearing.  But your symptoms do sound like it could also be neuropathy.  If you have discs impinging on your back, for example, they can impinge on nerves and it can in some cases travel all the way down the leg.  Same can happen with hip problems and periformis problems.  Can even come from the neck.  But you are pretty young to have that.  If you take too much B6, that can cause this.  Diabetes, as mentioned, can cause this, but not usually at such a young age, but you should get checked for it.  It could be the way you move.  A sports medicine specialist can look at that and tell you.  So it might be your flat feet, but most people with flat feet don't have any real problems from it.  And some do.  But a lot depends on how you move and what it is you do when you move.  Running, for example, is a lot harder on feet than other things.  As for shoes, the way to tell if they are worn is to look at where the heel hits the padding.  If you notice indentations that shows a breakdown in the support and you need new shoes.  How fast shoes wear out depends on what kind of shoes you're wearing and what you do in them.  For example, most running shoes these days are made out of foam, which is like being made out of nothing.  The natural way to walk is barefoot or in sandals or something else that is like being barefoot, but we don't do that anymore and that causes the muscles in our feet to atrophy.  Given the wide range of symptoms, you do need to see a professional to help you, and during covid, it's going to be hard to get the treatment you really need, but do try.
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