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Enlarged Ovary Ultrasound

Based in the UK I had a pelvic ultrasound after the following symptoms:

Bleeding inbetween periods, pressure sensation in abdomen, heavier periods, pain during sex at times, discharge, leg pain and back pain.

I also had a pelvic exam and vaginal swab. The swab came back with an infection but not still related they are suspecting it's related to my coil.

In respect of my scan I gave been told left ovary is normal and right ovary is enlarged. It's double the size of my left but only just above margins for concern. The consultant I seen suggested re scanning in 6 weeks and going from there. My gp os on board and supportive so I'm wondering what further tests I should be asking her to carry out ...ca125, transvaginal ultrasound. I am worried that my ultrasound couldn't determine the majestic up of the ovary I. E. Cyst , tumour etc...will a transvaginal determine  this. I am 31 and pain can be unbearable at its worst...its always focused on my right side too. Any help would be appreciated.  My health is otherwise normal and I have never had any of these symptoms before hence the concern  
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Get it checked out by all means. A woman who does not have the BRCA genetic mutaion has a 1.4% of ovarian cancer in her life time. The statistics are smaller at your age. 98 or more of ovarian cysts or tumors are benign. A transvaginal ultra sound can show a lot. The symptoms you describe could just be from the cyst. Pap smears do not show ovarian cancer. Ultra sounds and CT scans are the only way to see the ovaries. Ovarian cancer at least at first has no symptoms.

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I don't know if I have the brca genetic mutation but my mum had uterine cancer at age 21! She survived and is 50 now ...but I've never been tested.

My pap smear came back normal so I know it's not related to cervix.  

I guess my main concern is that because there is no cyst/growth on the surface of the ovary (I.e it is inside it) the consultant was unable to say what was causing the enlargement I. E.  fluid filled......solid mass. I think I'm going to ask for transvaginal so they can take a closer look and perhaps maybe bloods.
That sounds like a plan. Uterine Cancer usually does not play a part in ovarian cancer.
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Forgot to mention uterus was normal / no fibroids or thickening so not that either x
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