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Ultrasound results...Cause for Concern?

Hi - I have been dealing with reproductive organ issues for years. I am 28 years old. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 22. Since then, I have had a tubal ligation and an endometrial ablation due to extremely heavy and painful periods. About a year ago, I started to experience some lower abdominal pain that, at times, made it difficult to function. The pain would literally stop me in my tracks. So, I went to my ob-gyn for an ultrasound. That u/s showed a minimal amount of free fluid in my pelvic region and a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, measuring 2.6cm. A few days ago, I started experiencing the same pain. I went to my local ER, where they performed another pelvic ultrasound. The findings were as follows: 1. There are two subendometrial cysts identified within the uterus. They have slightly increased in size since my last u/s done by this hospital in December of 2013. 2. Possible soft tissue mass adjacent to the right ovary versus a non-peristaltic loop of bowel measuring 2.0cm in greatest diameter. There is also a complex cystic area within the right ovary measuring 0.7cm. 3. Complex cyst within the left ovary measuring 1.4cm in greatest diameter.
I have a family history of ovarian and breast cancer. My grandmother passed away at the age of 68 due to these cancers. So, of course, I am terrified! Should I be worried about these findings? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Most ovarian cysts, even complex ones, are benign. The average woman's lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is very low - 1.3%. However, with your grandmother having had the disease, your risk may be greater. But it is important to determine your risk factors (e.g., BRCA1 and BRCA2 testing) before undergoing something as drastic as female organ removal with all its long-term negative effects.  

Be aware too that your pain could be caused by post ablation syndrome which is even more likely to occur when one has also had a tubal. Some women describe this pelvic pain as worse than labor pains. Those "cysts" in your uterus could be blood that cannot escape due to the scarring of the lining and/or the scarring shut of the cervix from the ablation. This engorgement can cause debilitating pain. Keeping the lining from building up via something like continuous birth control may help this issue and may also keep cysts from forming.

Best of luck in getting answers and treatment that works.
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Thanks so much for your advice! I went to my PCP this afternoon, and after reading over my ultrasound report, he has referred me to a gynecological oncologist. I am not sure what to expect from here on out, but I am terrified. My PCP said he was definitely concerned, so I already made a call to my local Women's Health Oncology physician. I'm just waiting for a call back. Thanks again. I will be sure to post any updates!
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