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Do I need to remember the abuse that happened to me as a child to be able to heal?

I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Schizophrenia - I have been having flashbacks of my childhood since I was about 30 years old my therapist wants me on medication so she can have me stable when we have our sessions. Why do I need to remember what happened?  Is recovering all these suppressed memories really going to help me heal. I feel the damage has been done.  I can not get my childhood back I believe that my childhood schizophrenia  is caused from the abuse and that fixing the problem now is only going to make me feel worse about my life I can not change what it has done to me.  
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the onset varies two weeks a month maybe more it started with nightmares flashbacks rage psychotic feelings paranoid of others and no large groups or crowds they treat PTSD with anti depressants ive had it since Jan 1995 substance abuse is huge hope this helps group therapy too
Thank you but I can not do group theropy
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that's your right to say no but when I went to group therapy I opened up and found out I'm not alone k you are not alone :)
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