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I need some hope, quick question

Have you been able to get a girlfriend/boyfriend during your time of having PATM?
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It is contagious.  I hook up with a couple of guys and they have told me that they get sick whenever we talk the next day.  Some have even accused me of having an STD/STI which worried me.  Overall, I haven’t had any problem hooking up.  Now, a long term relationship, probably not so much.
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Hi Justincase_25.We are risky till we cure PATM.It's because of low immunity and we have some pathogens in the body.I always use condom with my girlfriend despite the fact I'm monogamous.That is to protect her.If she catch STD because of me I can't handle this.It will ruined my soul.
I do not think it is contagious unless it is an exchange of body flow (blood, saliva etcs), even so I doubt it, I say pro; Several people or all of us live with our relatives and neighbors where they do not present any health problems more than the common ones, if it were contagious it would have already spread exponentially, in addition, in order to be contagious, the substance or emanate would have to be bacterial. The bacteria that speeds reaches? Because the PATM we emanate travels at the speed of light, it also has the ability to pierce crystals and travel great distances (30 ... .50 meters perimeter), in addition to all that; how do I explain the ability of the PATM not to discriminate against the climate? How can I explain that the PATM travels against the air-wind current? PATM would have to be a GAS to approach those data, so, what changes does GAS produce in our body?

I mean, what I'm trying to say is that; let us try to study it ourselves to shed a "good" opinion, I personally prove my statements over and over; I travel on Moto and the PATM is constant, changes the weather and the PATM goes on, I enter a big theater and the PATM automatically feels at the other end without taking even a second to reach those distances, change my windows and windows people he continues to cough-sneezing-clearing his throat out as if PATM were passing through the crystals, so how do I explain all this? What GAS or bacteria has the ability to do all these acts?

Nobody explains all that, they just say it is such a thing or something, but they do not explain what the logic would be, when you go to the doctor, you show them the recordings and they send you to the psychologist and then to the psychiatrist

I do not think it is contagious if we just exchange words or sit next to an individual, maybe it can be contagious if we exchange bodily flows, I still doubt it, but for safety, there is no other precaution.

That I can say for now, even though I have a lot of desire with a woman, in fact daily I flirt one or the other and I simply because of my condition with the PATM I avoid being with them more than a game or exchange of words.

I must say that the latter my PATM decreased, I do not know whether it will be my food or another factor, I feel better.

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PATM is cholinergic urticaria?
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I think its yes because its extreme reaction. Some moment they get very close to u, next second disappear. We r very extreme persons
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Yes in this poll means you were able to get a girlfriend.
Yes exactly. But after knowing about patm i lost her
i started worrying about my future so it ruined my mind
same here, broke up with my boyfriend because its so  hard to be with someone when your causing them reactions, well he propsed. I was single seven years before him
We try to think differently about life thats why these reactions
Also these ****** haters come to us only for advantage, and leave us without no reason.. there is no belief no trust no true love just want fun in life... I think 99.99% people are non virtuous Except us
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I consider myself good looking because beautiful women have constantly told me so.  Never had a problem w getting a girl.

With that bein said,  i have never been able to prove to anyone that patm is real.  Ive recognized patm for 2 yrs now.  Just the other day, i visited my friend at her job.  She already knew about me claiming patm, but never got to see it in action, even after all the times we went out for lunch , to the movies etc.  I only told her because i trust her, and have known her 4ever.  So we are in her office talking, when her coworker comes in, and immediately had to stop talking.  He reacted the same way as many others have when they are close to me.  Almost as if he was going to throw up.  Like hes trying to burp, or is trying hard to swallow.  He put his hand over his mouth while he had to take a few secs to gather himself.  This is the 1 reaction i hate the most.  Me and my friend looked at each other, and as i was giving her the "i told u so" look, i could see the belief in her eyes now.  

This was 1 of the many reactions i had told her about.  After he walked out, i asked her "now do u believe me?"  She said yes, and also told me she tried very hard not to laugh.  Sge doesnt believe this is a bad problem to have, she thinks its amusing, but i explained to her its torture when everyone around u is doing this, anf u cant hold a real conversation.  

So heres what i really wanted to share.  Now she has been telling me that for the past few days, she has been making ppl sneeze uncontrollably, cogh, rubbing their nose consistently, and clearing their throat.  All the usual that we patmers are used to.  I dont know if particles that rub off from me are causing this, or if i passed it onto her, which i pray i didn't.  That's where we are at right now.

If yall have any questions, feel free to ask.
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Hi Dj_Choppa.How is the situation with you bud?You have not entered this forum for a long time.I was thinking that you are cured.I think that PATM is mutated DNA gene in the liver.Only that make sense to my electrohypersensitivity in the past and awful tinnitus.MTHFR gene deficiency leads to high histamine and homocysteine levels,mycotoxins,stress,autoimmune disease.Read more about methylation process in the body.It's like epidemic.So many people have this.
I'm now 90-95% patm free but not 100% :(.
Hey Dj_Choppa,

We should meet. I'm only maybe 40 minutes from where you are as the crow flies. I have never met anybody with PATM. It would be something if we were allergic to each other. LOL
Hi ray2502.That would be good idea.But  for me the likely answer is that you have not react to each other because you have similar problems.But it will be interesting if i'm not right.
DJ you basically woke her up to the fact that this exists.  Once you realize it exists the cat is out of the bag.  PATM is very much a case of the mind playing trick on us.  It definitely has to do with gut and mental health, which bacteria adjust to.  All just my thoughts, wishing us all the best into recovery.
Ok so goin down the line..MINDSPACE, I WAS cured, but i stopped the diet completelyand stopped taking all supplements and probiotics. I started living it up again, and i hate to say, was drinking up to 3 bottles of vodka or moonshine, every 3 days.  Its an amazing feeling to get ur life back.  I would go everyday without even remembering patm.  I must have been very healthy for it to take this long to finally mess up my health again, but i want u guys to know, that this IS BEATABLE, but u have to make it a lifestyle.  I knew it would come back, but i was literally drunk and high this whole time, and pushed it too far.  In a way,  im actually greatful for this problem because if i didnt have it, i would've ruined all my goals and dreams, and would be dead or in jail.  

My brotha from anotha mutha JUSTINCASE, I read his latest post yesterday, and my heart and brain told me, "that is the source of my problem."  I just never looked into it as deep as he did cuz i got rid of patm, and didnt need to further my education. Its in the liver, yes, in my case that is true.  If that is the case for everyone else, im not quite sure? Maybe patm can result also in other organs not working at full capacity, idk, possibly?  I listened to my body, saw the signs, like rashes on my arms, white coated tongue, fatigue, muscle spasms like crazy, bad adult acne and inflamed skin etc...and realized i needed to cleanse 1st, most importantly cleanse in the CORRECT ORDER, follow the candida diet, and take the appropriate supplememts and probiotics.  All those issues diminished.  Tongue was pink, embarrassing rash on my arms gone, im athletic and my foot fungus went away without having to use lotrimin cream, no more spasms, EVERYTHING, and best of all, no reactions at all.  If they did, it was too little for me to recognize.  Me being a DJ, i cant have this problem, i just cant.

The problem for me was, i didnt know what the heck worked, cuz i did 2 different full body cleanses, both were different companies.  I did Dr. Clarks full body cleanse first, then did Global Healing Centers full cleanse.  Along w that i started to order everything that was helpful to my gut.  Caprylic acid tablets, candida cleanse pills, extra bottles of oxy powder pills from global healing so i could continue to flush my stomach after the cleanse, desiccated liver pills, saccharomyces boulardii,  brown rice protein powder from Jarrow Formulas, oregano extract or just oregano pills (dont remember exactly what kind they were), applying organic coconut oil all over before going to sleep, and other probiotics.  

After reading JUSTINCASES' post, and the articles he copied n pasted in the chat, i now understood wgere that ammonia smell came from.  What this does for me is tell me it was my liver.  I didnt want to have to buy things that were not a part of the solution, and waste money, or risk prolonging my recovery.  After reading the articles, i understand that buying the cleansing kits is the first step.  

I know these are facts for me.  I atttact flies and other insects, i effect animals as well, and i know this is hard to believe, but i effect ppl over the phone or if im in a live chat.  I wouldnt say this if i wasnt sure.  I used to work in a call center b4 i djd, and out of 60 calls, id effect 50 ppl.  Is this a coincidence?  No, and if u try to tell me this is in my head than god bless u.  Whatever im giving off travels through electric currents or whatever.  Others noticed this too, and knew the scientific terms, i dont know what to use, electromagnetic waves maybe, but point is, whatever some of us are giving off travels that way also.  Almost everytime id take a call, immediate coughing.  Its scary to think that it gets this bad, but who cares, just get healthy and be done with it.  I dont care to understand how that side of patm works, cuz i dont believe our problem will catch the attention it needs, in order to be studied how it needs to be, in my lifetime. All i know is that it can all go away.

MINDSPACE, 90-95% is still a win in my eyes.

RAY2502, patmers havimg a meeting sounds like a good skit on gamily guy lol!!! I think it would be beneficial to all of us, if we were to meet up.  It would be interesting to see what happens.  I dont think we will effect each other, but still very interesting to meet someone who fully understands the pain. Im down to meet.  Im just a little busy at the moment, but lets set this up in the near future.  

PATMHALP, ive been tryin to make believers w ppl i trust, but it just seemed like patm knew when to shut off when it was at risk of being seen.  Maybe cuz i felt comfortable that a good friend was with me?  I do completely agree with the idea that the chemicals we give off when we are nervous, or when we sweat, make the problem worse, as JUSTINCASE noticed,  and many others.  It was relieving to finally have someone that believed me.  I wasnt even thinkin that she would see, cuz it had failed so many times in the past, but now she understands my pain.  Shes good to me, shes already making a recipe book for everything i can eat, and switching her cooking, bless her heart.

So guys, i have goals and plans in life, just as u guys do.  The first step is taking the right steps to recovery.  After that, youll have ur freedom.  Idk about alot of stuff im reading from some ppl on here.  I understand some ppl are dissecting patm, but they are running into conclusions that this may be unbeatable,  and that we may be doomed.  I dont know if living longer w this issue is lowering chances of curing, rather than treating.  Everybodys body is difderent, we all know that.  Who's to say because its been decade's for them, so thats the way it is.  Maybe their liver isnt working at full capacity regardless, maybe theres something wrong w other organs, maybe they didnt do things in the right order, maybe they werent consistent, maybe their immune system isnt functioning like it used to due to age or sumthn else, or maybe they are right.  I dont know their body, and i dont know how complex patm is.  I do know the signs that my body showed, i know that i completely got rid of it before, and i know that due to my neglect, it came back.  Maybe it was gonna come back but not in years, and i just sped up the process.  Who knows?  Life is short, sooner or later we wont even be on this planet, but i believe we know enough to cure ourselves, if not, "treat" ourselves to get down to bearable percentages, for the remaining time we have. Just listen to what we do know.  You guys know where to start.  If it worked for me than obviously we are right about something.

Im almost positive that ill have the same success, but even better, cuz now ill make it a lifestyle.  I have the global healing center cleanse kit on the way.  Thats the first step, then ill order the rest of the stuff.  I just spent all my money on equipment so i cant right now.  Remember, it took me a couple months to ruin my stomach again.  Constant bad habits everyday.  Once healthy, I can enjoy other foods and liquor periodically,  same goes for u guys, unless ur bodys are different.

MINDSPACE, im not ruling out mutated dna gene.  RAY AND TO EVERYBODY ELSE,  I dont want anyone to feel like im attacking their research, or u directly.  I just think there are too many complex ideas to fully try to dive into and solve at this time, until we get more recognition.   I am grateful that you guys have such great minds.  Without yall idk if i wouldve been able to beat this like i did.  Please stay in contact w me, and again, ask me any questions u guys have.  

1 last thought, unless i missed it, seems like JUSTINCASE went mia just like i had.  I bet hes enjoying his life and the success of beating patm.
Hi Dj_Choppa.It's important to be here because I think we're onto something.I was diagnosed with aflatoxin and aspergillus niger which you know are mycotoxins.I had white and black specks on the body.White specks are white mould and black specks are black mold.The likely reason for PATM are mycotoxins.If we are on candida diet and doing candida cleanse we will be patm free but we'll be not cured because patm will come back after eating certain foods like sugar,diary etc.There is an underlying cause why we don't have the proper detox of the body and I think is in the liver.B12 deficiency,MTHFR(methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and high homocysteine levels(amino acid that produce sulphur) are leading to so many serious problems in the body.I'll check my vitamin b12 levels tomorrow and I'll report when i have the results.B12 deficiency leads to anaemia.I lost so many kilos due to diet and had low blood pressure.Believe me we are on the right way.
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Yes, as you see, several with PATM had a girlfriend and even wife, the problem is that the PATM limits it because it is not known whether or not it is contagious, besides the fear of causing cough. I myself had many opportunities and even with the doctor who attended me, in fact I consider myself "handsome" since I always had suitors, even with PATM I still have them, only the PATM condition stops me.
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I'm just wondering if they got the girlfriend/wife before they developed PATM.

Also, when you say the PATM stops you from pursuing suitors, is it yourself who is afraid of causing harm? So you stay isolated?

Do you think the girls would run away or stop being interested once they were in your PATM presence?
It is simple and logical; The fear is mine because I do not know the cause or disease PATM, I do not know if it contagious or not, although I doubt that it contagious because of the speed in which it propagates PATM and besides having ample scope I deduce that it is some type of Gas, however I still have to refrain from having or exchanging salivary or blood flows (in kissing, vaginal penetration, etc.), then I simply try to avoid as much as possible carnal relations and even friendships because it is uncomfortable for me hear coughing-throat, I only talk to people who are not affected.

But I must clarify that I am still "attractive", even having the PATM, in fact I have opportunities every day, as I told you, until the doctor flirts with me.

Before the PATM, I had a carnal relationship with some women like coworkers and study or the neighbor, not frequently but if as 2 times a month or more if the time allowed (I had limited time because I work and study).
I clarify that after the PATM I no longer have carnal relations, now I only practice masturbation.
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Yes. I've once had a girlfriend who told me that she was allergic to me. I was so shocked i blatantly ignored her until she herself changed the subject. It would've been the most depressing moment of my life had we not made out later that day.
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Yes, as you see, several with PATM had a girlfriend and even a wife, the problem is that the PATM limits it because they do not know about themselves or not contagious, besides the fear of causing cough. I myself had many opportunities and even with the medicine that attended me, in fact I consider myself "handsome" since I always had suitors, even with PATM I still have them, only the PATM condition stops me.
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Dj, did you drink coffee/caffeine during the time when PATM went away? This has been the hardest thing for me to quit.
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Ive never been 1 to drink coffee/caffeine.  I know for sure i didnt have coffee, but im thinking i DID have energy drinks.  Before i had 1st noticed patm a couple yrs back, i was drinkin energy drinks everyday at work.  I know its hard to quit things we love eating n drinking, but it u stay strong for a little bit,you'll be able to splurge here n there.  It took me about 2 months of cleansing and strict dieting, before my patm went away completely.  After that, i forgot all about patm.
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DJ_Choppa !  I can't believe you are back!  Man, I thought you kicked it's butt!  I am still here....stuck and begging for answers.  What is crazy is, yes, our livers are messed up due to the candida overgrowth.  I didn't want to believe I had candida until I did the (spitting in a cup) test ....google it if you guys do not know what I am talking about.  I definitely have an overgrowth which causes the skin rashes, the cravings for bad food, cravings for alcohol, marijuana, etc.  I am really sad because I actually kicked this things butt for a month.  I did the following:

Purely Hollistic Candida Cleanse (4 pills/day)
Oxy Powder (6 pills a day)
Coconut oil (obliviously organic 2 Tbsp)
Vitamin C 1000 3x a day
Max amino acids caps (4 a day)
Running in FLORIDA HEAT !! LOL
Drank my body weight in water LOL
Juice cleanses from a vegan place

I did all of that, and everything cleared up.  However, I did what you did.  I went to a music festival (EDC Las Vegas) and BOOM.  Drank a red bull, alcohol, ate a protein bar, and everyone ran from me.  It was back.  I immediately left for my hotel, told everyone I was sick, and didn't move.  Candida lays dormant until it is refed again.  That is the problem.  So....we have to switch up the herbs that we are taking to destroy it because it has unfortunately gotten STRONGER !!  It's terrible.  It LIVES in our liver, kidneys, duodenum (which is why everytime we breathe, people react INSTANTLY) you name an organ, it's in there.  Currently, I am back on my juice cleanses and am having UNCONTROLLABLE sugar cravings!!!! To tell all of you, I have never been a person to even like cake, ice cream, cookies, etc.  It's strange that I now crave those things which is why I know this is candida.  

I will continue to post on all of your forums guys.  We got this !!  BTW , i do not have any problems hooking up.  If I am with them for a long period of time, then they start to have reactions.  A guy kicked me out of his house because he started to sneeze and cough.....it was over a month ago.  I was so sad and embarrassed because hooking up in Orlando is common.  I'm sure he told people on "Grindr" that I have something, which I do not.  I get tested frequently so it sucks to be accused when you are really a clean guy STUCK WITH CANDIDA !! :)  

Have a good day everyone!  I wonder what happened to Hopeful and Grateful....they were really nice to chat with.   They were the main reasons in which I was successful the first round!
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Hi Justincase_25.We already know that.Some people have candida,some people have mycotoxins(aflatoxin,aspergillus etc)which it's similar.Actually  mycotoxins are white specks and black mold.But if you did cleanses and you are on 100% candida diet and you are cured and when you eat sugar and dia ry pATM always come back.Me and grateful2011 think that is about process methylation in the body.We don't know the whole truth but there is underlying cause why is so hard to beat PATM.
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JUSTINCASE, yea im back, but am in the process of treating n beating lol...i have the same cleanses on the way, which are arriving tomorrow.  I will be duplicating most of the techniques i used when i treated this problem.   I didnt do anything special, just cleaned out my body really good n stuck to the diet.  It worked 4 me once, so i assume itll work again.  Reactions used to be worse when i first noticed patm, so in my case, i cannot say tjat it came back stronger.  This is a good sign 4 all of us.

Now to answer ur other post JUSTINCASE...U are concerned about ur future and ability to hold a job.  I just want to share my story w that real quick.  I immediately signed up to work from home.  Couple months later i was awarded that.  Alot of weight off my shoulders, until i noticed that every caller id get would immediately start coughing.  The first thought that came to mind was, "theres no escaping this."  I was still happy that i didmt have to be around coworkers who would slowly figure out that i was the scourge of this planet.  Even tho there was comfort w my callers not knowing it was me who was tge cause, i still knew i couldnt hide 4ever.  Ive had jobs, and even before patm, i never knew what i wanted as a career in my life.  I thought about engineering, and then the military.   So here i am in my luxury townhome, working from home, and i even tho im home, i start calling in.  I cant bear to hear ppl suffering anymore.  Every cough was like a dagger.  Especially when they had babies around, they would always start crying.  Now i know theyre babies, but i couldnt help but think that if im effecting the adult,  that i might be effecting an innocent baby as well.  I just couldn't get myself to login and work.  

I hit a depression, and my faith in God was now the most important thing to me.  I prayed for sumthn to give.  This is when i came across stock trading for the 2nd time in my life.  This time it was "day trading."  I learned that this was a way to make crazy amts of money in just hrs.  It came in right at the perfect time.  I did my research, and decided i was all in.  Spent my whole bonus on the education, and i started making enough to pay my bills.  Unfortunately,  the depression came back.   I couldnt stand being distant from family n friends, even w the success i was having w trading.  I stopped trading , bills caught up, had to move to a place i didnt like, and left my job.  I was about to lose my car.  I was always lookin out the window to see if it was gettin repossessed, but then my exact prayer was answered.  W the help of an old friend, i pulled myself out of that nightmare.  

Currently, im just taking a week or 2 to clean up as much as possible.  I have gigs already setup as far as dj'ing goes.  I dont wanna bore yall w the details on that, but just know music is a big part of me.  Im gonna use my skills to pay the bills.  Not only pay my bills so i dont have to ever return to work, but also use those funds to fuel my brokerage accts.  This will allow me to continuously make big trading plays, and grow my money exponentially.

I know this is an unconventional and out of the box way of making a living, but its right for me.  I was at the point where i was thinking of how good it would feel to make the suffering come to an end.  Although i would never be able to take it that far, the thoughts naturally would come to mind, as i was going through these depressions.  I stayed positive, kept praying, and now i know my way out.  Not only to live a bearable life, but to live an even greater life that i always wanted.  I got really good w turntables back in the day, and now that time i spent practicing is the start to my future.  

Theres always a way, if u need to find a job that offers working at home, than do it.  If u need to be as healthy as can be so u can manage to get up everyday n go to ur new employee orientation, do it.  If that is needed just so u can pay ur bills, while u come up w a diff plan, than thats wut it has to be.  Thats just 1 option.  It was hard each day waking up n getring myself to go in office, but i survived long enough to reach my goal of workin from home.  Get into that mentality, but also come up w a goal that is tailored to u and ur skill set.  Having these goals n dreams are what keep me going everyday.  If u dont have any hobbies ur good at, then just focus on cleaning up first.  When u get there, stay there.  This was not only for u justincase, but for anyone that can take anything away from my story.

I will keep you guys updated on my progress w cleaning up, and just for fun, my success w everything else.  
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U know the saying, "God wont give u what u cant handle."  I feel like  if God has this much faith in me,  then i will too.  We are strong ppl to be entrusted w a burden like this.  If u come out successful, u will be a stronger person than u ever knew u could be.  Stay strong, and if yall have any questions or just need sum1 to talk to, hit me up.
Yo Choppa, any updates? It's been about 3 weeks, any signs of improvement?
Yea as of today, i was telling my friend that when i went to the basketball court, guys were coughing like crayyyyzy, especially after i smoked.  Last night,  i was playing w the 2 guys that had the strongest reactions from me.  1 guy in particular couldnt even talk last time.  I mean he was coughing every few seconds, and i just had to end the conversation.  Well last night he coughed maybe twice at first, and after that we played a couple games, sat down afterwards and talked, and he was fine.  I say his reactions dropped from 99% to 33%.  

Another incident.  I get a haircut from my good friend frequently.  I gotta stay lookin fresh ya know.  I went to him at the start of my cleansing n supplement taking, so 3 weeks ago, and he couldnt stop coughing, tonsssss of mucus in his throat, he had to keep spitting in the trash can.  Today i went to him, 3 weeks later, we were talking for a good while, laughing like the old days, and he had the same reactions as the dude from the bball court.  Reduced coughing and mucus.  It took a while before he coughed a little cough, and after that he just had mucus slowly building up.  Now, i can live w a cough or 2, and little mucus, cuz nobodys gonna think "hey ur making me get mucus".  

1 more story, this morning i woke up to seeing that my sister had come over.  She sneezed a couple times,  but the real test was to see how she would be when i get in front of her, because she would always have to rub her eyes all crazy when shed come around me.  No rubbing at all.  Yes there was sneezing, but thay was just twice back to back, after that i held a longggggg conversation w her and she had no reactions at all.

Oh, 1 last thing i promise.  My parents had the same reactions as my sister.  Tons of eye rubbing.  They would both have to take off their glasses every couple mins and rub all crazy.  They went on a trip a few days ago and wont be back till Saturday,  but when i was talking to tgem the last 2 days they were here, their reactions drooped dramatically.

Overall, im excited about the results.  I even cheated on the diet a few times, but im still overall strict.  I can only assume that i will get better n better.

Key points are:
1.  Diet correctly (and yall know i follow the candida diet.)
Let me be honest tho, im strictly down to steamed broccoli everyday and steamed spinach and onions every other day.  As well as organic quinoa every other day.

2.  Small/regular size portions (gotta give ur body a break on digesting, so it can digest properly

3.  No laying down right after eating. (I have lpr and gerd issues, steps 1-3 all help w this problem)
Ive read other forums that say lpr and gerd may be a/the cause of patm symptoms.  Regardless if thats true or not, eating like a rabbit will ultimately help, and thats all i care about right now.  I dont care about the satisfaction from taste.  I just HAVE to be normal for the venues im djing at, and im doing a company xmas party on the 12th.

4.  Eat no later than 3 hrs before bed.  Kinda goes along w no lying down after eating.

5.  ***Supplements***
Ok so ive been reviewing nigella sativa (black cumin seed) as Faaris suggested.  Id like to hear some updates, cuz im hesitant about adding this product in my diet.  I believe that it WILL lower patm symptoms due to is extreme benefit as an anifungal agent, but after hearing ppls concerns on this, and reviewing youtube reviews, i have a bad feeling about it.  Seems like if u decide to stop taking it 1 day, cuz none of us want to pop the same pills daily 4 EVER, ur patm symptoms will come crashing back, like ocvq was saying.  He said it appeared to be a temporary fix, and i gotta say im seeing the same conclusion.

So i dont wanna take the chance of adding something that im gonna become dependant on. Thats not.my goal.  I want to duplicate my success naturally like last time.

Supplements cont...we also know thay stress can cause ibs, it obviously effects the body, and it intensifies our patm.  This guy nusmund or sumthm like that, pointed out that when we humans or some animals yawn, there is a neuron that triggers others to mirror the yawn.  Ok we know that.  But he made an interesting point in saying yes, us w gerd and lpr have mucus issues, tickles in our throat, a feeling of a lump in our throat that we cant swallow down etc...he questioned, and not in these words, are neurons triggering these symptoms we have to be mirrored in others as they occur in us, or like they occur in us? He brings to light in detail how stress effects our esophagus, and how that leads to ibs.  He mentions how when we stress that patm seems its at ots strongest.  Point is, is there any correlation btwn lpr and gerd with patm, taking into consideration stress and/or neurons.  Well i can say ive been to the gastroenterologist, and its known that my lower esophagus is damaged from gerd.  With all that said, do i need to dig further? I dont care to, i just know that w the right diet and rules, i completely got rid of all the gerd the first time i beat patm, so as long as i do the same again, that solves all that headache.

A.  Im taking brown rice protein powder from jarrow formulas..1 big spoon full mixed w water every morning upon waking up
B.  Saccharomyces boulardii from jarrows as well
C.  Oxy powder from global healing,  as well as aloe fuzion and laterp flora that were bundled with the oxy powder..4 a night, 3 hrs after last meal
D.  Candida cleanse from purely holistic to get the extra boost in beneficial  bacteria, cuz most of the bacteria die b4 we get it, so i take 3 of this daily, and 3 a day of the saccharomyces daily

6.  Exercise exercise exercise builds the immune system and lets us sweat out all the junk

7.   Gettn in shape, and losimg weight automatically makes me.confident, meaning less stress, so theres a plus on the whole mental side of things.

Thats my plan, it worked b4, and im seeing a lot of success.  Oh today i went to a couple big stores over here, no reactions AT ALL.  Im slimming down, got the fresh fade, feelin good.    Also, my spit used to smell like freakin vinegar, now its hardly just a hint of that smell.  Theres small signs like this, listen to ur body.

Thats all i gotta say for now, i will keep yall updated on how the xmas party goes on the 12th.  Dang, another thing, remember how.i mentioned when i drink nobody reacts?  Well all those times i was buzzing, i was comfortable.  Does being relaxed, as some suggest, completely do away w patm? Man i havnt ruled that out yet, but when i go up there to dj, ima have a bottle of ciroc, just 2-3 shots to mellow me out ya know?  Wutever i need to do to make the money and meet my quota, so i can then get at least 4k to trade stocks with, i promise a 6 figure bank account by end of 2018.  The point is, stay outta work, and live stress free.  A few shots here n there isnt gonna set me back.  

Anyways yall, i got off track there, but  the feeling of overcoming patm is such a stressful, yet accomplishing feeling.   Now i dont wanna jinx myself, but i will continue on and let yall know how the party goes, and keep yall updated.  

Yall can message me.anytime!!
Hey Dj Choppa.We know that Patm is serious condition but isn't it funny that when we make detox it's like we're helping to the other people to get rid of their  mucus in the throat or lungs.It's not our fault.
Yea, helping ourselves is also to help others..i wish i knew the science behind it all, but i know enough.  Like i mentioned before, if i wouldve never developed this condition, i know i would've ruined my life by now with all the drinking and foolish ways i was behaving.  But i know in order for me to succeed, i have to, if not rid, control my patm.  To do that means to take care of my body.  So here i am, gettin back into top shape, my bodys responding in positive ways already, and life is becoming more bearable again.
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I think of candida like a terrorist group that has taken over our gut after we nuked the area with antibiotics/bad diet. We can temporarily force them into hiding and de facto take over the area, but the moment another arms shipment arrives in the form of sugar/dairy/grains, the terrorists come out of hiding and take over large areas again. We need to build up a strong army of good gut flora to fend off future attacks from these terrorists while starving the terrorists at the same time. Probiotics and things like L-glutamine and other proteins are like supplies sent to our allies, while sugar etc. feeds the terrorists. I think stomach gurgling and other noises may be the result of clashes between these forces :D
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Also, feel free to share any stories, positive/negative.
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