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Which STD did I catch??

So I had protected sex with this girl I met at a bar about 5 months ago. 60 hours later (2.5 days later) I woke up in the morning with intense groin muscle aches/pain and inflammation. I could barely walk. About 1 day after that, my scrotum turned red, swelled up, and my testicles became tender. Not only that, but it honestly felt like something was "swimming" down there and I had this tingling feeling in my scrotum.

I originally thought it was probably HSV-2 (genital herpes), but no open sores or ulcers ever appeared. Within a week or two the swelling died down and my testicles stopped being so tender. The groin pain did die down as well within a few weeks, but even now, five months later, I still can feel a very slight dull ache in my groin if I really concentrate on it. It's not very bothersome or anything, but sometimes when I run around and make too many lateral cuts and jukes while playing sports (and thus use my groin muscles), they start to become quite sore after a while. I guess it's just a reminder that whatever STD I caught still lingers within.

So other than that initial episode I never really had any other major symptoms. Is this just hsv-2 or could I have caught something else like gonorrhea (although I've never had any discharge) or chlamydia?
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You describe a low risk encounter for most STDs.  
Furthermore, note that you describe a ZERO risk for chlamydia, NGU/ and gonorrhea.  

You shouldn't worry about HSV-2 from what you describe.

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I wish I could believe that, but I'm absolutely POSITIVE I caught something from her. This was my first one night stand in 24 years of living without having ever experienced any symptoms of anything in my genital region. So after 24 years of only having sex with one other girl (who was a long term girlfriend and we were each other's first and only), I finally had a one night stand with a random girl, and 3 days later I'm started having all those symptoms and a slight dull groin ache that has lasted for months?
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If indeed this was 24 years later with a different girl, it only solidifies my statement that you are fine.

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