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Chlamydia Transmission

First off I know this sounds absurd but I have OCD and these concerns haunt me so I need professional advice so I can stop worrying.
I was treated for chlamydia a while ago and while I still had chlamydia my ferret got into my garbage and played with one of my tampon applicators I used before treatment. He bit into it quite a bit. Could my chlamydia have been transmitted to him? Can chlamydia even live on a tampon applicator?
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No, none of this is possible. Chlamydia wouldn't live long on a tampon applicator exposed to the air.

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Oh and I hope you are treating your OCD. :)
I must say i had  a good laugh when i read this, so chlamydia has two forms elementary infectious form and a reticulate intracellular form, so even if there were reticulate bodies on the tampon, once dried they are dead, not to mention that the elementary bodies have an affinity for the urogenital epithelial cells not the mouth of a ferret... so no highly unlikely that the feret got oral chlamydia because of the tampon aplicator, but hey even if it did, you can always change the feret...

Have you had a confirmatory negative test for chlamydia?

ps. Hi auntiejessi, hope you are doing well.
I laughed, too - not at the OP, because OCD is terrible, but I had a friend with ferrets and omg, they go everywhere. Cute little things, but they are BUSY.

Hope you are doing well. :)
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