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How can ı stay without infect to my family?

I had genital warts 2 month ago. Then ı made cryotherapy. Last month relapsed just one or two warts. I made cryotherapy them too. For one month ı have no warts any more. But this month I'm afraid of infecting my family. I'm very careful: wash hands all-day, careful to towel after shower or boxer...

But sometimes ı don't control everything. For example one day mother touched my top of boxer. This area can be contact to penis when ı take off for pee. Can this virüs be on her hand then pass mouth, nose or genital area with hand touch?

Or one day ı touched my genital area and then touch napkin and next day rubbed off our closet(toilet) with this napkin. My sister came and sit there(just after). I'm scared all of these situations

How long this virüs can alive and how can ı succeed without don't infect to family.

Please help me otherwise ı'm going to crazy
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Warts spread during sex. Repeated direct surface contact.

You have NO RISK of infecting family.

Warts are common everyone who has sex can have them.

Other family members, like parents probably have their own HPV strains if they ever had sex. It's that  common and normal.

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I will give a sample, if you say "dont worry" ı will accept that and no more think.

I shaved penis with scissors in shower. After got dressed my boxer. Next day my little sister touched my top of boxer and this area(under the Nelly button). I dont care that time but now ı'm thinking. I shaved penis and then my boxer touched to there(penis) and then sister touched to my boxer(after that she maybe touch her mouth or genital (in toilet)). İn this situation the infection possible?

I dont understand ıf the virüs exist on the my top of boxer and under belly button(the boxer can touch there in night with movement) and she touched there then touch herself (genital area) why she can not infect?
Well why dont we get tuberculosis by sex. Or Helicobacter by kissing.

Is simply not how it spreads.

It has a limited way of spreading. Its not a frog to skip surfaces.

Its a sensitive virus that only survives on genital skin, or when we rub 2 of those - 2 genital skins together.
Ok but if so why doctors say this virus can alive 2 days on surface? Or why they say be careful to your boxer or towel? Or why they say wash your hand after touch the penis??

Theoretically i lab examinations but not really.

I really don't know where you dig out those things that it changes type or survives on surfaces. It doesn't really.

Those are some really wacky ideas. You are torturing yourself with nonsense.
I'm sorry that you think you are a walking, talking infection. You are not.

I have no idea why your doctor told you to worry about your underwear and toilet paper. That is not a risk.

The only risk to transmit is if you have sex with someone. That's it. It's easily transmitted during sex, but if it were that easy to transmit to others, all the kids and virgins and elderly grandmothers would have it, and that isn't happening.
ConcernedGuy87 is a dermatologist. I have worked in the STD field, doing education, disease investigation and other things, for most of my career.
But this is all widely accepted science. You don't have to be a doctor to know this.


Thank you both of you really
But in the "hands dont spread" writing they didn't say this is impossible or they didn't prove that this is impossible. At least that's how i got it

I dont understand. if the virus dna can exist on the hand why the virus don't infect? Especially when someone did masturbation with this hands or something like that

I'll be very grateful if you answer that. I want to tell people when they ask why the hands don't spread virüs
No. You are being irrational.
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I'm so sorry that you're so worried about this.

The only way you'd transmit this to your family is if you are having sexual contact with them. Normal contact and sharing house stuff won't transmit it.

I would advise you to use your own towels, but I say that to everyone. If you have any skin infections, or if your mom or sister have yeast infections, things like that, it might be transmitted by the towel. Other than that, you're fine.

The virus will leave your body within 2 years, so this isn't something you have for life. About 90% of people have this at least once in our lifetimes, so you aren't alone. Most experts consider it an inevitability of sexual activity. You are going to be just fine. :)
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But if the virus can alive 2 days(a good doc said this information) on a stuff like boxer or toilet paper why can't infect them? especially in my mother or sisters menstruation day?
I said that last week my mother touched my boxer and after that she maybe touch her nose,  eye,  mouth  or genital area(ı'dont know what she did after touch). Why she doesn't get infected like this situation?
I can't understand. That stuff seems to me can infect very easy :(

And ı want to ask a another question you. A hpv prof doctor said that hpv is a DNA virüs so can change type when passed other people. Is that possible? I don't hear anywhere this so ı think maybe ı misunderstand. I don't want to infect with high risk to other people despite ı have low risk. So please give me a scientific explanation

So first, I think what you need to understand is that there are different types of HPV. HPV is the virus that causes warts on our entire body, and there are well over 100 strains. There is a strain that only causes warts on your feet - plantar warts, for example. The strains that affect the genitals don't affect the nose or the eye.

Even if the virus is alive on toilet paper, that toilet paper has to come into contact with your warts first, right? So you use it to wipe yourself, and in order for that to transmit to someone else, they would have to use the same toilet paper. Are you reusing toilet paper? It's not being transmitted by your hands onto the toilet paper roll. It's not on the waistband of your boxers.

Also, think of covid for a second. We know that it lives on surfaces for awhile - how long depends on the surface. It lives longer on harder surfaces like steel longer than on more porous surfaces like fabric. That doesn't mean you can get it from a surface though, and many experts don't really think we can. It remains mostly an airborne infection that you get from the droplets other people breath out.

So we know that HPV might live on different surfaces, but that doesn't mean we get it from surfaces. We know that the strains that affect the genital area are ONLY sexually transmitted. If it were so easy to transmit them otherwise, we would have children with genital HPV, right? Kids would get it when their parents who have it change their diapers, or change their clothing. We all have it all over our bodies from hugs, hand shakes, etc. We don't.

The toilet paper you use and your boxers aren't coming into contact with your sister or mother. The only way people get HPV in their mouths is oral sex, and the only way they get it genitally is actual sexual contact with someone else's genitals.

Also, the strains don't change. If you have type 6, it stays type 6. If someone has type 16, it stays type 16. If they later test positive for another type, it means they have also been infected with that strain. People can have more than one strain - that's very common.

You are worrying way too much about this. Millions and millions and millions of people get this every day, and never infect their housemates.
I know the strains that affect the genitals don't affect other body area but ı saw at internet that genital strain can affect nose(inside the nose) or eyelid because of there are mucosal area? It can be very rare

I gave toilet paper example because of if ı touched by hands the toilet paper roll. Sometimes ı touched the rulo after masturbation or pee. You said that in like situation is impossible infect right ? :)
So without sex, infection just exist a theoretically. Or living 2 days shouldn't mean anything for us because it is just an theoretically, experiment stuff? (without common sex toys or razer blade)

İf they sit on my pee in toilet, if they touch my boxer, if they use toilet paper which ı touch it's rulo after mast... in all that situation infection impossible right? I ask repeat sorry but ı want to keep calm because ı wa exposed very strange situations.  Before this, ı didn't think infect anybody in family. This events shocked me a bit

About change type question ı wanted to ask,
The virüs can changing type while passing between partner? This was my first sexual contact(ı'm male).  We will test to my partner for type. So if she have type 6, this meaning ı have type 6 too?
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Hi, none of what you mention can spread genital warts as they are spread from genital to genital rubbing contact and once they are removed wont come back. Try to put this behind you and live a happy life again.
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