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Is there a Risk for getting stds from buying a sextoy from Amazon?

Hello,I'm a male age 24, I recently  brought a fleshlight sextoy from Amazon. When my sextoy arrived, I opened it and began using it.It was later that i realized  if I made a mistake of not washing  it before I used it. Am I at risk for getting an std or sti?
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STDs die pretty quickly once exposed to air, so had this been a toy that was not new, and sealed in a package, you'd have to have used it immediately after someone else did during a sexual encounter.

You used a brand new toy that was in it's original packaging that you bought from Amazon. You're fine.
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Thanks for your  help Auntiejessie and life360_Dave I very much appreciate it.
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No that would be zero risk for any std.
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