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Am I scizophrenic?

First of all I'm 19 y.o and I recently found out that I have a relative with scizophrenia. He was my dad's first cousin (their moms were sisters).

Lately (for a year and a half) I have noticed alot of weird stuff going on with my mental health some of those are: mild mood swings, short term mermory loss, depersonalization from time to time and hallucinations when I'm sleep deprived (more than 30h) like voices whispering, shadows that seem like people, these hallucinations are obvious that are just in my mind and don't really exist though! I also have some mild but constant hallucinations like walls "breathing" and floor tiles swirling but are noticable only after I focus on them. Also I have experimented with multiple drugs but only in small doses.

My question is what is the possibility that I have inherited schizophrenia? Is it just a coincidence caused by drugs? Do the symptoms that I mention sound like the beginning of schizophrenia?

I think it's important to repeat that the auditory hallucinations are obviously in my mind (it's not like I can't understand if they are real or not) and the visual hallucinations are gone with a second look.

All of the symptoms are not constantly there (except from memory and mild hallucinations that are almost always there) but happen sporadically and I'm pretty sure that most of them are caused by drugs...

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I have five cousins with SZ including me better to tslk to a doctor soon k :)
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