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I think I might be schizophrenic?

   When I was 13, I sometimes got REALY hyper, sometimes couldnt remember that period in the morning. At 14 I was depressed for about 4 months. In the last little while (im 16 now) Ive been Going between depressed , usualy for a few hours, sometimes whole day, then other times when i get realy energetic, sometimes act (to others) like a "lunatic".
   More and more recently even when i'm not in one of those phases things are still off. Ive been withdrawing socially, and just from everything in general. Im almost always off doing something else in my mind. Ive had at least 3 instances of sleep paralysis. I occasionaly hear my name called when no one called,4 weeks ago I asked (i dont know why)  3 questions in my mind, Each one was answered by an external voice, each word was distinctive, but incoherent. Each question a different voice answered. Thats the only Time i heard voices. I occasionally get a sense of euphoria centralized on a specific body part (usually head or legs).
   I often talk to myself, often in front of a mirror. Sometimes I cannot talk, like I can't get words to come out. I don't mean in social situations, where i don't say much, i mean alone I physically cannot get words to come out. I prefer being left alone in deep thought, sometimes just starring while thinking, ignoring my surroundings. I only have a few friends, all of whom I am very close to, with others I usually don't talk, unless its a topic I find interesting.Even with friends sometimes i'm just there, thinking, not talking to them. I have very strong views, especially politically.
   I often make many, many plans, but I often don't act on them.
   I seem to have a need to be above a human, but at the same time I don't usually feel superior to others. At 14 I had a phase of clinical lycanthropy. Now I am obsessed with becoming a cyborg, spending much time thinking about it. As I am what people consider intelligent, I come up with ideas for artificial organs, and brain enhancing chips. I am acctualy trying to go into nanotechnology, then use that for biomedical engineering.
   At first, I noticed alot of the oddities that got me concerned. Now I notice alot less, but looking back (and from friends) I seem to be getting worse. I should also add i have major problems getting to sleep, and once i'm asleep I oversleep.
  There is alot I didn't mention, but I mentioned some major things.

From others experience, does this sound like Schizophrenia? If not, maybe more like Bipolar? I'm getting into a psychiatrist soon, but ive already had to wait about 3 monthes since I first asked for help. I just want to know what to expect. Thanks in advance.
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sounds like you may be experiencing some symptoms.  Id see a psychiatrist right away.  I know it might be diffictult but try not to alienate youself from people, that can be a trigger for the disease, i think.  for me, i started experiencing psychotic symptoms (hearing voices, having paranoid delusions) only after i severed all social ties and locked myself in my room, only using the internet to communicate.  this was about 2 and a half years ago i was 24.  now im on drugs and the symptons are somewhat gone, and i can function pretty normally, although i am compromised in some ways.

In your case i hope its not anything schizo, see a doctor as soon as possible, your story sounds familiar.
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Actually (although of course only a psychiatrist can make a diagnosis) you may very well have schizoaffective disorder, which is schizophrenia with a mood disorder, which can often be bipolar. I have made a full recovery from schizoaffective disorder with glycine, an experimental treatment in Phase II FDA study. But even with currently available antipsychotics what you have is treatable. But if you have schizoaffective, you will need a mood stabilizer as well (as I and other people do). Abilify is the easiest to tolerate of the currently available antipsychotics. Lamictal is generally the easiest to tolerate of the commonly used mood stabilizers as well and it has somewhat of an antipsychotic effect (although it can't replace an antipsychotic). What you describe in the way of symptoms and when they started sounds familiar to me. I started having symptoms of schizoaffective disorder at the age of 13 and among the symptoms I couldn't sleep at night because I was afraid space aliens were invading. I couldn't recognize my parents if I was away from them. They were psychotic delusions. Antipsychotics brought a stop to all that. So you should definitely be able to be helped and you might ask the psychiatrist you see if schizoaffective disorder is a possibility.
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