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Hand practise k adat nhi ja rhi i m 20 and doing this from 12 age

Hand practise k adat nhi ja rhi i m 20 and doing this from 12 age
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Hi - I'm not sure what you're asking.

Are you asking about masturbation?
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I agree - don’t know what the question is, but also assume he is referring to masturbation. As we know, there’s no harm in doing so at all, your body will usually tell you if you’re doing it too much. Age 22 is prbly a fairly common age for guys  to start & most guys masturbate  quite a lot from early teens thru 20s & often well beyond (even when in perfectly satisfying
...relationships) with no harm whatsoever...
Sorry - meant age 12 is a common age to begin masturbation...
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