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I have 31 weeks pregnant and I have a vaginal infection and I am on meds for 5 days

I have 31 weeks pregnant and I have a vaginal infection and I am on meds for 5 days and it say no sex is it okay to masterbation while taking this med I am nervous and scared so I need advice before I do so
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Don’t know for sure, but I can’t think of any reason masturbation would be harmful, although that could depend on what your meds are, the condition you’re being treated for & what you do when masturbating.  You said you have a vaginal infection, so it might not be a good idea to insert anything there. You could probably just stimulate the Clitoris without doing any harm, but because it’s so close to the vaginal entrance, you might need to be careful not to transmit any bacteria or yeast there. Probably the safest thing would be to put on disposable gloves & then wash  with antibacterial soap & rinse, then apply some KY or other lube & stimulate the clitoris & don’t insert anything. I know that sounds a bit ‘clinical’ & maybe not real ‘sexy’, but probably better safe than sorry. Maybe someone reading this with medical experience with this area could offer some advice. You could always ask your Dr. if there was any reason you shdn’t masturbate,  but I know some people aren’t comfortable bringing up such things. But remember - your Dr already knows you’ve had sex, since you’re obviously pregnant, and would certainly understand that if you want sex but can’t have intercourse, masturbation is certainly an acceptable alternative. Believe me, Dr’s today are well aware that most ppl masturbate & don’t regard it as anything unusual at all. It’s totally accepted as normal & even expected by prbly 99% of all Dr’s now...
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